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$160K 4×4 Off Road Camper Van | Sportsmobile Ford Classic

Tour of a 4×4 off-road Ford conversion van built by Sportsmobile. Camper Van Tours:

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More About This Video

This custom conversion van is built on the Ford Econoline. This 4×4 off road camper built by Sportsmobile can go just about anywhere.

This van features the classic penthouse top that Sportsmobile is known for.

To learn more about Sportsmobile custom vans watch the Factory Tour video:

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  1. Haha, you look very happy with that bad boy Joe. But, that Sprinter model looked sweet to me. I guess if you like serious off road drivable trails, then that Sportsmobile is your baby (but $150K, no fixed commode, no ginny and a 2sq ft fridge, is really nothing to write home about right?)!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the look at the Sportsmobile! That's the one I'm looking at buying once I take the leap! Think it will be perfect with a small Airstream in tow! Love your channel!

  3. Hay Kids , Are you going nuts no room ? Maybe you should look at the 29 ft. IWS Sportsman just saw one 3 weeks a go at a camp site and all I can say WOW ! And yes you can get it with 4×4 ,.,lol,.,

  4. Pretty Effin' Sweet Bro! I have loved Sportsmobile units for ever, a neighbor owns one,and I drool every time he takes it out.His has a different floorplan,but still a fine ride. Now I might be able to rock one for a week,or two, but I think I'd still have to tow a Outfitters trailer with additional sleeping space, and more solar panels.Could also throw in a decent off road scoot to run groceries,and adult beverages. Thanks again for sharing,Be Safe,,C-Ya!,,,,Peace!

  5. this is an amazing camper, a little different from my 1972 vw sportsmoible that i bought in 1975 for $6,000 and drove everywhere from michigan to florida and back several times, oh how the times have changed, thanks for the 411

  6. 3 years ago a Sportsmobile employee told on YT that they start @ 50k and a nice one (with 4×4) is 80- 90k. So why should anyone believe that you should now pay 70k more?
    There is NO customer benefit that Sportsmobile needs to build these from a cutaway now. It's more like a minus in terms of repair in the long run.

  7. 160K? gad no! I bought a 98 with 15,0000 miles for 6K and had it converted to 4×4 for 10K, had all the crap that this one has for another 10K or less. Where is the other 130 grand?

  8. I have batteries that could power a everything in van for a full day including fridge pumps microwave any appliance for an awesome van these seem to be in the Stone age as far as batteries lead acid is heavy and underpoweres

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