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2016 Nissan Juke NISMO AWD: Who would drive this thing!? (unscripted review and test drive)

I know I wasn’t sure what to make of the Nissan Juke Nismo before I got behind the wheel. What is it? And who buys them? After spending several days driving one…I think I’ve got a decent idea.
As always you can expect a real world, unscripted, honest review that you can use to better inform your buying decisions. No..this is not Top Gear or the MotorTrend channel, but I think you’ll find my videos fully practical, approachable and helpful.

Thanks for watching!

Thanks to Corley Nissan of Gallup New Mexico for the test drive:

Find the test version of this review in my local publication, the Gallup Journey Magazine:

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  1. I have one and I really like it. I think it's a cute and unique car. I wanted something small and an awd with style, and this fits the bill.

  2. I disagree with him on the CVT. I like it, and have no problem getting into other lanes, or getting on the highway. To me it shifts very smooth. Yes, it's different than a planetary gear type, but you quickly learn, and adjust to it. Sport mode works well compared to Eco.

  3. I almost bought a late model Juke but opted for a 2016 altima. I love the styling of the Juke and sometimes regret not buying one instead, but the Altima is also a cool car.

  4. I bought a Juke Nismo RS, great little car fun to drive I love the Recaro seats in the RS and the extra power was great too. The cons are in the RS due to the Recaro seats you can't get heated seats also in the Nismo a Sunroof wasn't an option. The other crappy thing about the Juke is that if you go with a 6 speed manual transmission like I did you can't get it in a AWD. All wheel Drive only comes with that crappy slow and sluggish CVT crap.
    For those who are like me and need more much more power, for $3200 I replaced the turbo with a bigger turbo from precision, I installed a front mount Greddy intercooler, a HKS super sequential blowoff valve, 550cc injectors, high flow fuel pump, stainless steel magnaflow exhaust from turbo back and a Apexi power FC stand alone system to run everything. Pushed 312 horsepower at the wheel at only 12psi which is what I use for daily driving. At 18 psi it pushed out 402 at the wheels, I'm sure at 22psi and with some more tuning it could push over 450 horsepower, however I like to keep it reliable because it's my daily driver therefore I never push it over 14psi… At the end of the day if you start pushing over 400 horsepower out of a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder with stock internals it's only a matter of time till something breaks.
    Also front and rear strut bars and Eibach sport line springs make this thing handle incredibly!!!

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