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2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 10-Speed vs Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 8-Speed Towing MPG Review

( 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 10-Speed vs Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 8-Speed Towing MPG Review. Also, can this 2017 F-150 10-Speed automatic be the fastest 0-60 MPH truck we ever tested?

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  1. I tow my 6,700 lb travel trailer all over the country with my 2018 3.5EB and consistently get 10.5 mpg at 65mph so I'm not all that impressed with the price / performance of the diesel.

  2. I hate watching this pickup trucks videos because most people’s comments favorited the truck they own and not facts. One thing is Ram trucks ride is a lot smoother than Ford but the payload capacity on the Ram’s lighter truck are a little week. Ford number one sold truck is due to government and companies contracts that literally give their trucks away to keep those numbers up. Bottom line is that Americans trucks are the best.

  3. Thanks guys. I'd be very interested in a few things. A loop with some hilly sections., both for mpg and perceived strain. Also curious if this test was done when it was released (January) was the diesel at the pump "winter diesel"? I'd like to see the same test with summer diesel and the same test with the F-150 with regular unleaded. Thanks!

  4. Not only does the diesel cost less to fill up, but it also gets better mileage whether towing or not. I'm getting older and all out speed just isn't in my top priority list anymore. It's nice to have that ecoboost 0-60 but the diesel is still quick enough for me.

  5. I have a 2018 F-150 ecoboost, I pull a 4500 lb. rv in the mountains with ease, coming home down hill it sips gas averaging 15 mpg. The video shows the F-150 in 10th gear, tow haul mode won't let the truck shift into high. Something is amiss! I have had two Dodge Rams and I will NEVER have a third!!

  6. I drove an ecoboost the other day and can't understand the hype. It has decent pep but you can tell it's still just a V6 gas motor, nothing special. Haven't drove the ecodiesel so I can't compare.

  7. Top $$ trucks, I would like to see the towing MPG comparison to the 5.0L V8 Ford, the ecoboost has horrible MPG towing, even though Ford brags on it..My 09 F150 with 4.6l 3v gets just over 12 pulling a similar weight (loaded car hauler) on 500 mile trips using 87 octane, 21 mpg hwy no trailer.

  8. I shopped both Ford and FCA 1500s this year and used my inlaws FCA discount and rebates to get a new 2018 4×4 laramie Crew cab loaded for 43k out the door and the ford was 57k with my fathers A-plan equally optioned. This was the best no brainer I ever had and I love the truck with 8k miles on it now and still amazed at the 25+MPG I normally get driving.

  9. Diesels are simply troublesome status symbols these days. They cost too much, the price differential between the two fuels is not enough, and the maintenance issues are scary once they are out of warranty. The government just kills everything.

  10. I would take that Dodge all day…the diesel in it has been proven in Europe, they have been using them for a decade now in other vehicles, it has proven to be a reliable good diesel, hand build in Italy. I wouldn’t touch that eco trash. I know someone that has the Dodge and loves it. Great gas mileage and pulls everything he wants..So far with no issues, has 50k on it.

  11. Nice video. I have a 14 Ecodiesel 4×4 and Im getting 21-22mpg on city and about 26-28 hwy (speed limit is 80 around where I live).
    I noticed that the Ecodiesel test had the "Tow/Haul" turned on ( so lower mpg), but the ford did not seem to have the tow haul feature turned on. Was that option turned on for the ford during its run?

  12. to start I would like to say i have always hated a ford truck in every way! I owned mostly chevy until 98 when i bought a 98 ram 1500 4×4, it was a sharp looking reliable truck but guzzled gas (318) 4×4,next i bought a ram 3500 cummins,wicked mpg but noisy,also very reliable.I have owned several cummins since then with exc results and mpg.I recently bought a used 2015 ecodiesel and its super easy on fuel and tows an 18' boat with ease at 75mph/120kms,approx 700kms;550 miles per tank. There iis a programmer for the ecodiesel that sounds amazing with many 5 star GREEN DIESEL ENGINEERING

  13. Personally speaking! If your doing alot of towing you'll probably be better off with a diesel. I've owned one Dodge ram in my lifetime! The truck had the transmission rebuilt six times. The last time was a complete swap! In two years thiat Dodge truck was in the shop more than I drove it as a daily driver. I never towed anything! Plus there were plenty of recalls too. Then there's the issue I've noticed with these Dodge Rams rusting. I've seen a ton of Ram's from 2013 and up! That are rusting away at the rear wheelwells and bumpers. So the claim of longest lasting is crap! Plus what's the deal with their headlights filling up with water? To be honest, I've owned the gammit of pick-ups! Comparing a diesel to a gas motor is ridiculous. Especially, towing wise! When buying a truck most people buy them for a specific purpose. Whether it is for a daily driver, work truck, or hauler! Maintenance on a diesel is more costly too. In my travels I've seen plenty of old Chevy's, Ford's and Toyota's running around. Not so many Dodge's! Maybe theirs a reason for that? Also the American truck builders skimp on once standard items for their vehicles. Like rear wheel liners! Which would probably help any new truck from rusting out prematurely. I own a 2017 F-150 with a 2.7 ECOBOOST as a daily driver. With modest modifications it gets over 25 miles to the gallon. Even with a Fox four shock leveling kit and 33" tires. Its a super crew and has the most cabin space of any new truck. Hands down! I've never had any problem with the truck. The fit and finish is supurb inside and out. There's a reason why a Dodge ram is priced less! If the Toyota Tundra got better gas mileage or had the diesel options like they have abroad. The Ford and Toyota would be my personal picks. Over a Dodge or GMAC product! But opinions are like assholes everybody has one. LOL

  14. Good for you! You got a good one! My brothers 2012 3500 diesel blew up in 2014. I have three friends that got rid of their RAM's after they rusted so bad the beds had to be replaced. This video wasn't a fair comparison! No shit a diesel will out class a gas motor. Especially, for towing! I owned one RAM in my lifetime! The transmission was rebuilt five times before Dodge replaced it with a heavy-duty Jasper Racing transmission. I have no clue how it held-up because I traded it shortly after. Also the paint job was subpar the headlights filled up with water too. Plus all the electrical problems I suffered through with this pick-up. A friend recently bought a 2500 RAM diesel to pull his fifth wheel trailer. On his way to Florida it seized! It only had around 6,000 miles. Ussteel bought a fleet of Dodge trucks too! Their only a few years old and the beds are rusting away and the bumpers are almost gone! Granted this mill is harsh on vehicles, but their old Ford's and Chevy's held up better than that. Cummins isn't a division of Dodge! Hell the Titans have them in their trucks! Along with a ten year unlimited mileage warranty. Why don't Dodge do that! I'm not a diesel truck buyer my man! My truck is a daily driver and I hual a quad or a lawn tractor from time to time. I have no reason to buy a diesel truck! My family owns a farm in SW Pennsylvania. We still own a 1978 Ford F-250 with approximately 56,000 miles on it. It still looks and preforms like the day it was bought. Plus I have a 1967 Bronco that I rebuilt from the farm. Neither if these vehicles rusted like a Dodge. Or the paint peeled! Obviously, you have taken care of your truck. Maybe where you live has something to do with it too. As for Ford not building cars! That was a business decision! They sell more trucks, SUV's and Mustangs. Who the hell wants a car any more! Unless it's a Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes or something along those lines. Chevy and Dodge are talking about discontinuing cars too. It's because their not selling as many! My super crew F-150 has tons of room! More than a Dodge or Chevy by the way. I looked at them all. As pick-ups evolve and get better mileage they'll out sell cars. You like your Dodge great! I had trouble with one! So I'll buy what I feel confident with and you do the same. You've had trouble with Ford's obviously! I've had trouble with a Dodge! People are more inclined to talk more about something problemati. Than stuff without problems! Good luck with your RAM!

  15. How the hell does the top view camera work. is there a freaking drone flying over the truck or something?

    I like the Ram but nobody knows the better truck till 10 years down the road.

  16. I really WISH tfl would stop making mpg their main talking point. Mpg is a truck buyers least concern. I wish they would do uphill 0-60 towing sprints.

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