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2017 Honda Ridgeline vs Toyota Tacoma vs GMC Canyon vs Nissan Frontier Mega Mashup Review

( ) 2017 Honda Ridgeline vs Toyota Tacoma vs GMC Canyon vs Nissan Frontier Mega Mashup Review

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  1. The Ridgeline is a good truck. Most jerks won’t give it a second look because nothing other than pure bias. It will do 90% of what typical trucks buyers need it to do.

  2. gotta admit, I really like the ridgelines design. Its just so sleek, But like dude said, I'm old school so at the end of the day ill still take the pro4x. If it aint broken don't fix it.

  3. I just bought my first Frontier 4×4 and so far I’m glad I did. Handles off-road with ease. I traded in my 2008 Ford F450 King Ranch for this thing (with matching Leer camper shell, rear air bag suspension, brake controller, alloy wheels and new Goodyear Wranglers). Got s helluva good deal. I miss my old truck (not the cost) but I’m really getting into driving this Frontier. Never thought I’d ever own a Nissan.

  4. I have a old mountain bike, aluminum frame, and suspension, 1 wheel drive, unknown HP and torque, And it would of made it to the top of that mountain, with me operating it.

  5. I was going to buy the Pro-4x because you get get all the options at a good price, but it's dated and gets the worst gas milage. I bought the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road, because it has the reliability, resale value, modern tech and I used to own a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Xrunner, so I know how good they are!

  6. lol.. they took the Nissan? Its has less cabin insulation and rides rougher… the Toyota more refined but only got 1 vote.. lol.. I hope its because the Nissan is much much much cheaper.

  7. Two and a half years later and the situation is about the same only the Frontier just keeps getting older and all the prices are higher. The Ford Ranger is set to release in Feb.

  8. I just bought a 2018 Nissan Frontier Pro 4x I couldn't be happier. Yea its a old model truck but super reliable and that's what I was looking for. Love Toyota Tacoma's but Nissan Currently makes a truck that has stood the test of time.

  9. Honda Ridgeline-
    A half-ass wannabe pickup truck made for gay men with penises the size of an infant's. The Honda Ridgeline is not made for off-roading or pulling heavy loads, like normal trucks. It looks like a crossover with a birth defect, and drives like shit. It's the truck for wimpy people without balls. One of the biggest wastes of money known to man.

  10. People, please for the love of god, stop making videos comparing Nissan
    Frontiers to trucks like the Tacoma. They aren't the same thing. The
    Tacoma doesn't have a fully boxed ladder frame. It doesn't have 4 wheel
    disc brakes. It has a plastic truck bed you cannot put anything into
    without voiding your warranty. It is nothing but a glorified grocery
    getter / bro-dozer. The ONLY advantage you have in a Tacoma over a
    Frontier is the fact that you can resell it for higher. That of course
    is offset by the fact that you quite clearly PAID more for it up front.
    The Frontier is the last true midsize truck made for truck owners.
    STILL the most rigid fully ladder boxed frame on the market of all
    midsizes. The best reliability (JD power most reliable truck for sale
    in the USA, both midsize AND full size for both 2016 and 2017, whereas
    the Tacoma is the highest failure rated truck in the USA and Toyota as a
    brand has the most recalls of any import there is.) You buy a
    Nissan Frontier to do work, because it is reliable, because engineering
    to you is more important than having an extra 16 USB charging ports
    added to the rear passenger doors. The ONLY downside I've found to
    Toyota just lost in 2017 the largest automotive class action lawsuit in
    US history when the USA proved that Toyota trucks and SUVs have
    significant rust damage coming off of the assembly line. Before they
    even hit the dealer lots as new vehicles they are rusting away
    underneath and that's what they're selling to customers. The USA wasn't
    having any of that and that settlement is over 5 billion $ now and
    counting. Please stop comparing the current Nissan Frontiers with some of these newer midsize trucks
    which are trying to drive more like cars than trucks and give you CAR
    interiors and such rather than TRUCK interiors. They are not the same

  11. Just saying the canyon Duramax would blow all of them out the water and then get the best mpg going home. It's *cheaper*, better mpg, more *torque*, and not hooked to electronic vices. #facts

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