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2017 Nissan Armada 4×4 Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

( ) How does the 2017 Nissan Armada 4×4 handle the rutted out Gold Mine Hill trail? Find out in this off-road review as Nathan takes the big Nissan high up into the Rocky Mountains.

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  1. Is this [Nissan Armada], the Infiniti QX80, and the Ford Expedition the only truck-framed SUV's available brand new right now in the USA with a fully-independent suspension?

  2. My family just purchased this exact same SUV and it is great. We were between this and the Infiniti and this is an absolute steal. The Infiniti does have a nicer front grill but the Nissan rear end is nicer. It is a great vehicle for the price.

  3. Waiting for ARB to offer front rear lockers in US…… and disconnecting sway bars. Then a 4wd SV will be purchased. I own a 2wd for wife and 3 children. Daddy will have his soon!!!!! Or a 4runner off road…..

  4. Lame test guys. ? CVT versus 7 speed? Street tires vs off road skins? Locker vs open diff? Packed tracks by the Mitsubishi then Nissan follows in same? 4 banger low torque vs 6 banger high torque? AWD no range selector vs low range on Nissan? Come on totally out of line here. ? You guys have stretched some things before but this time you went too far. ? Back it up. Don't know where you heads were at but you seriously flubbed this review! ?

  5. If this would have more leg room I would have bought it! I hate that so many cant get it right! INCLUDING LAND ROVER! Had a range rover and it was the same issues! Only thing Ive found thats super comfy is the escalade and thats probably what I will be getting!

  6. Doesnt this have a center diff lock? If sonit doesnt seem lile it was engaged judging by all the wheel spin from the front tire. Too bad they dont have the front and rear lockers like the patrol does.

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