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2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Review: Has This Iconic Truck Lost Its Mojo?

( ) 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Review: Has This Iconic Truck Lost Its Mojo?

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  1. What a moronic review comparing G wagon and land rover with Land cruiser which is half the price and more than double relaible . He didnt knew how to drive an offroader .

  2. This guy is so bent out shape about the "look" of the Land Cruiser. Go ahead and buy the "sexy" Land/Range Rover but don't cry when it starts falling apart and you're losing your ass in repair costs. I've have a '97 LC for 16 years and it just turned 285K miles, it will replaced by another Land Cruiser despite it not being sexy….

  3. Yea but because you americans hate diesel and u complain about toyota because u guys hate to see other brands apart from your "big 3" (tbh: they make some pretty shit cars) make better cars. Toyotas are known for their dependability, reliability and ruggedness. There is a reason why Toyota sells more cars in aus than the "big 3" (ford, holden[gm], and ummm…….) down in Australia.

    The lc STOCK AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOGH STOCK!!! IS MORE OFFROAD READY THAN A RANGE ROVER. It has a solid rear axle, body on frame construction name one other car (sold internationally) that offers that and that level of dependability, reliability and ruggedness and not to mention that might v8 which in other markets have a Diesel. The LC 200 is the best, the most dependable and the most reliable SUV IN THE WORLD FULL STOP!!!

  4. Land cruiser is reliable than range rover and G wagon is far expensive than land cruiser. Land cruiser is also beautiful but you need eyes to look its beauty as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

  5. Man I have watched several of these reviews and they are terrible. The range rover is garbage. All plastic. Terrible lasts around the corner only. Off road I guess its karma that you run into that junk stuck and yet you have to still put the lc down. With some mild modifications like the front and back fenders replaced with hard metal 3 inch lift and appropriate tiers and skid plates underneath no more than 3k this machine is unbeatable with its superior suspension and 4 wheel drive system. It is better than the g wagon by far. Better suspension, better handling, better off road system. The g wagon is overpriced mercedes junk. Lc is a legend and extremely offroad capable. Take a 2016 model with 60k miles for 40k and add the modifications you will have the best offroad car available with unmatched reliability.

  6. Toyota Landcruiser has reputation of been the "King of the Road" outback Australia. With exceptional off road capabilities and it take you and the family anywhere wanted equipped with either 7 or 8 seaters and huge fuel tanks. It's rock solid built which can last over 25 plus years and a high demand for after sale. It will not let you down or break down middle of no where. It have the best approach angles while it may not be best looking and practicality. Toyota Landcruiser make up in bulletproof capabilities in all terrains and legendary reliability, but the trade off is gas guzzler and not to be driven in city.

  7. Such a poor review! Specially when he talks about what car he would choose. “Yeah I would just go for the more expensive G-wagon” it costs 50 grand more that’s a completely different market segment. Do your research and leave your own bias opinions behind!

  8. Journalism? Seriously? You have a LC the company lent you. Dig into that vehicle. Don't fall back into your infatuation with land rovers to compare this vehicle. Even if you do your "journalism" based on comparisons, you need to note that there isn't a place on earth a Range Rover, Land Rover can go in stock form that a land cruiser can go. I mean do they even offer a Land Rover in anything but a 20" wheel? Wow.

  9. Land cruiser pulling out that so called fake luxury Range Rover practically sums up the video.
    All those people who buy these kinda fake luxuries need the mighty king Land Cruiser at least at one point of their life….

  10. Thumbs down from me u biased fool u don't know the difference between an unreliable range rover, an overpriced g wagon and the trusty reliable and bold Lan cruiser. This is y I unsubscribed from you

  11. Very easy to sum up. If you will lease the vehicle and turn it in after a few years, a Range Rover or similar is just fine. If you want to keep the vehicle for many years, get the Land Cruiser.

  12. The 200 series land cruiser is a joke for off roading .the land cruiser stopped being iconic when they quit making the 80 series.the 200 series is a big heavy gas guzzling station wagon .

  13. Even if I had the disposable income for a Mercedes G Wagen, I’d pass. German luxury brands are not reliable long term. No way would I own one outside of warranty. A Range Rover is simply overpriced poorly made garbage on wheels. In my previous career in the car business working for BMW I got to observe BMW’s and various European competition. They’re all poorly made and insanely expensive to maintain long term.

    I would happily buy a new Land Cruiser and fully expect it to be in service 20 years later with nothing more than normal maintenance applied on time and correctly.

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