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2018 Dacia Duster SUV Reviews

2017 Dacia Duster SUV Review – The Dacia Duster is a small, rugged SUV that costs the same as a small hatchback. The low price point means it’s competitive enough to take on the best of the best in the crossover SUV and family hatchback segments of the market. If you look it as a cut-price Nissan Qashqai, you might start questioning whether you really need to spend more for “the real thing”.

The Duster’s range is pretty easy to get your head around, but the entry-level model is basic. In Access spec, there’s black plastic everywhere, steel wheels and no radio inside, but it’s a genuinely cheap and cheerful model. The range was subtly updated in late 2015 with a slightly revised front end and a new top line Laureate Prime model, and again in 2016 with a new automatic model.

It does have its issues, particularly its three-star Euro NCAP crash test safety rating and engines that aren’t quite as economical as more expensive alternatives. The Duster does fight back with a flexible interior, appealing looks and pretty decent driving manners.

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