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4×4 vs 4-Auto vs Snowstorm: Chevy Suburban 4WD Snow Day Review

( ) 4×4 or 4-Auto? Chevy Suburban Fun Snow Day Review. How do the different 4×4 modes work?

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  1. I have 4 Cooper Discoverer SRX's on my 2012 AWD Santa Fe. It does just fine in the snow. Hell got to try it in mud at my county fair. It did great. Some 4×4 trucks…….not so much. So why would I want a gas guzzling Suburban anyway?

  2. slightly off-topic, but an i the only one who did a double take at that MSRP?! i guess i did already know the price of a Suburban, but to see it written out, wow. $72k for this thing.

  3. I'm confused. I stumble across youtube channels constantly which are obviously US based but the people talking have weird accents as if they are not from the US or another English speaking country.

  4. So many people who cannot afford these are compliant but here’s a fun fact Chevrolet sells more fully loaded LTZ suburban than any other trim so obviously it’s a appropriate price. I see tons of them picking up kids everyday people have the money and want to spend it on something big.

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