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A Used Jaguar XJ Supercharged Is a Lot of Car For $35,000



I rented a 2012 Jaguar XJ Supercharged and discovered that it’s a LOT of car for thirty-five grand.




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  1. probably i'm a weird one coz every review channel talks about how aggressive this and that car sounds like and they enjoy it on contrary if i would have spend this much money i'd expect my car to be super silent and low on carbon emission

  2. Who cares how cheap it is when it looks like a beached whale…. Seriously compared the sleek timeless XJs and look at this thing.

    You can get those for less than 10k and you'll look like you actually have taste.

  3. Well if idiot would have pushed the button that he called "race" mode which is actually called dynamic mode and turned off the DSC dynamic stability control. He would have quickly discovered it absolutely changes to a sport car. The steering gets tighter as well as the suspension. It's a car with two totally different drive modes. A smooth luxury car to a true luxury SPORTS car.

  4. I’ve seen and loved 90% of Doug’s videos, but I must express my disappointment towards how he had a different judgement for same features in different cars. For example: in this review he just praises Jaguar for the heated and ventilated seats which are operated through the touchscreen, while in the Ghibli review he spends something like a minute complaining for the fact that the heated seats are operated through the touchscreen. (By the way I can’t understand his hate for Maserati, which he expressed in more than one video)

  5. 35k is still too much for this piece of shit…very unreliable car…very expensive to maintain and depreciates tremendously..experienced dealers avoid them in auctions…a heap of junk

  6. I've owned a 2011 for 4 years now, I've only had to use the warranty for a water pump. Total repairs and scheduled maintenance have totaled 2500.00 in that time.

  7. I'm about 2 years too late for this comment but, I'm not sure the "avg listing is $35K" is quite accurate (?). I remember looking at XJ's that were about 2-4y a few years ago, and while that might have been true for the non-Supercharged ones, I'm pretty sure average ask for the supercharged ones, especially with some decent options and low miles, was high 50's, low 60's. Maybe I'm full of it. but I remember the one I test drove (was a 2011 or '12 with less than 10K miles) was at LEAST high 50's. (Incidentally, I agree with everything Doug says about how it drives… too big for me in the city, but might be a great highway cruiser in a less crowded city).

  8. bro Doug in Britain you can get car like that at 10-12 grand£ i guess ill be buying one in 5-6 years . Aiming to buy my first car this summer /september for birthday Jaguar x type that's a car I wont be abe to afford it in 10 years they'd heinously expensive ,maintenance cost and pricing so for now anyone who thinks to get his firsr car think of it and wish me luck)

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