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Africa Expedition in a Stock 4×4. Can it be done? 16/16. What we learnt.

Africa Expedition in a Stock 4×4. Can it be done? 16/16. What we learnt

This is where the bits that were not included in the travelogue are presented. We talk about the Isuzu KB pickup, the tyres, the canopy, our favourite bits of kits, and the concept of travelling light, with minimal equipment, and how that turned out. Also, I talk about how this series was photographed.

This video is by, makers of the world’s favourite 4×4 and overland videos.












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  1. Another great video, If you love the minimal approach to travel then try a spork, they are great. Plus the Trangier stove. its a meths stove which performs a lot better than Gas.

  2. Have loved the series, and glad to see someone taking a slightly less Expedition Overland -approach to the amount of junk you absoposi MUST have to survive when going for a drive slightly outside your comfort zone. I happened to look at an AvE video earlier, and while it's not the same exact model, he absolutely slammed the bejezus out of that Genius battery charger thing… so maybe lucky you didn't actually have to use it to start the car.

  3. Great series. Good to see the Isuzu getting the recognition it deserves, it's the best all rounder out there, and tough as nails. Hope to take a trip like this one day.

  4. A lot of discussion on the 4 wheel drive performance you experienced. What about the overall quality of the fit, the type of rattles you experienced. What are your comments on the quality of the seats. I think the seats get overlooked for quality, support (fatigue) and the safety aspect they can provide. Have really enjoyed this and other topics you have covered. Look forward to your next trip.

  5. What is the best roof rack to get for jerry can, spear tire, and luggage… there are so many many options but what is the best, how do you select the best option to put in a Range Rover?

  6. I thought the Noco Genius Boost GB30 / GB40 would be great. But I thought the price is too good to be true and what did I lean: “It is too good to be true”.

    In short. The given specifications are not correct. The GB30 will not provide 400 Amps. It
    can’t and will never do so. See the insides of the Nico and their own internal specifications!

    The GB40, rated officially at 1000 Amps will never give more than 250 Amps as ‘it is’ stated inside the package for real. So their own specifications are much lower.

    The GB30 most probably will give even less amps as it is rated ‘officially’ on the package at 400 Amps. Curious to know what the inside specifications will be.

    Want to see yourself? >>
    by AvE.

    Don’t believe the specs from this battery and don’t trust the circuitry either. The wires can’t provide the given amperes either, they would melt. You can’t rely on this gadget. The idea is great and I wish someone will make one for real.

  7. Ive always wondered why automobile manufacturers haven't designed a hybrid hard shell SUV/Pickup. I own a Nissan Armada and a Nissan Titan with a shell. The Titan gets dust everywhere! If I had the Armada body with a Pickup interior I'd be set.

  8. Sad to hear that people are leaving their home in South Africa and immigrate to New Zealand and other countries around the world. I know a guy from South Africa and he told me stuff about how SA white population is struggling now and that some farmers are being attacked by armed men who kill the whole family, they live on alert, probably this is not happening all over SA but it is happening..

  9. Cannot thank you enough for this video series. Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and a pleasure to watch. looking forward to the next series with baited breath

  10. Amazing. I have just watched the whole series over the last few nights and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Something which really sunk in with me is that you don't need a lot of kit, you just need good quality, well thought out kit. Thank you for sharing this amazing expedition.

  11. Hi Andrew, loved the series, but then they have all been excellent. We live on a bit of land in south east queensland, with no near neighbours (nearest is 1.2km away). happy for you to put up a tent here if you need a free place to stay!

  12. Now trying to find more details on the 4wd that you used. Large 3.9 litre, not turbo charged is heavier weight? You had the stock air conditioner working full-time ok? No tire puncture this time, but what preparation did you haveb standard spare tirr, canned tire repair kit?
    When the non-metal fuel container leaked, how did you recover; metal container? Any other oversights in you preparation lists?

  13. Other questions, if you don't mind? Is it important that your passenger know how to drive, first aid, etc … in case of emergencies? Some offroaders that I have met don't think about this. Optimism.

  14. Thanks for sharing all this about the Isuzu.

    Although the North American relatives of this platform, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon seem to run a GM variant (re-badged) of the VM Motori 2.8 liter diesel as option, not the Isuzu 3.0, the rest of the setups looks to be comparable.

    Which implies there is now a viable diesel option to run such adventures on this continent with essentially what you showed in this series. That's good.

  15. Andrew,

    I watched the entire series and I wanted to say thank you. It was an great adventure watching you along the last 15 episodes and I know you spent hours editing these films for us. Please keep up the superb work! Cheers from California!!

  16. Hi Andrew, just watched all 16 and loved the show, please keep making more and I look forward to seeing the Australia trip video next year.

  17. Hi Andrew, what pressures were you running in your tyres due to the going from tarmac to gravel? Ive always known to lower pressures on gravel, then higher pressure on tarmac, but what do you do when often switching between the two?
    Thanks again for a great series and for all your brilliant videos!


  19. What you have equipped this unit with is more or less what you get when you rent one. Consequently, if you want to build one yourself just rent one for a week and run off to the bush !

  20. I'm taking delivery of my Dmax in two days! Would you mind sharing specs of the BF Goodrich you used for this expedition? I'm looking at 265/65 R17. Been binging on your series the past week. I admire the fact that you're busting the myth that the vehicle has to be extensively modded to take on any kind of overlanding. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more of your videos!

  21. Wonderful Series As Usual From You! Loved it! I'm watching this one while waiting for your Australian Expedition. I watch the videos as they come out. Not rushing you But I get impatient. So, I went back in your videos and bing watched this one. My grandparents who have been gone fore sometime loved Africa and made many trips there. I remember when they would return with their pictures, we'd all go over to hear the stories and see the wonderful animals. As I watched your videos of Africa they were constantly on my mind and I see why they loved it so much. Keep up the great work! The stories and how you share them keep me coming back. I will be watching more of your older videos now while I wait.

  22. i Know it been 2 years , but….tks for the vids Andrew i do enjoy watching your content, but…heheh the part about the charger or spare battery call it what you want 🙂 , though 400 amps made me smile as it would be the size of 4 Land-rover batteries rated at 102 amps each , compressed into a lunch bar…h m m m nope, anyway… 1 square mm can carry 5 amps, so 400 amps you would need a wire 8mm diameter , or squared to be more precise, those cables have more plastic than wire, probably to hide the heat from your hand 🙂 maybe they need to shift the 400.00 amps dot a little to the right, let's say 2 noughts to the left, then maybe , just maybe…

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