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BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA vs Audi Q3 2017 SUV review | Mat Watson Reviews

The compact or small SUV market has rapidly grown over the years as manufactures have produced more practical crossovers ideal for families. I put three of the best head to head in this group test; the brand new Mercedes GLA, based upon the previous A-Class, the luxurious and sport BMW X1 which sports a similar interior to the 2 Series Active Tourer, and finally, the Audi Q3 which received a facelift to keep up to date with SUV rivals. So, which compact SUV will win in this all German affair? Which is the best value for money, and which SUV offers the most amount of space? Find out which car I declare the winner in this 4k in-depth group review!

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  1. I just bought the X1, pretty happy with it so far, would be nice to have blind spot warning built in and the steering wheel might be heavy, especially when parallel parking is involved. Other than that, super drive on a highway, fabulous panoramic roof. My dog doesn't like the slippery seats though 🙂

  2. When you talked about the gla about the light you used for the interior you said "let's see that" and right after that an ad plays. I've never seen such a great placement for an ad ?

  3. I rather the GLA but there's no way i'm buy a car that does carry a spare tire and no one else should either. It's dumb and totally stupid, car buys should not let the manufacturers get away with this kind of stuff.

  4. In this segment, where I personally think if you can't afford a proper SUV from these brands your better off buying a Nissan, the BMW is the winner. But there is no value for dollar what so ever, your just buying the fucking logo wit these ones. Just saying…

  5. I'm gonna get the X1 2018-2019 , and not very good in dealing with car dealers as they see me as some easy target (due to looking young). Wondering what price i should settle for in usa? I really like this review as helped me made up my mind. I'm guessing total including tax etc.. Is truevalue site pretty accurate to go by?

  6. Hi Mat. I am buying this car x line bmwx1 in next couple of day and I have a question regarding comfort mode. So is the default mode a comfort mode or do you have to get "adaptive suspension" costing £390 to get the comfort mode?  But when I looked a the option list the adaptive suspension addition gives 2 options Sport mode and Eco/pro mode. It does not mention comfort mode. Also it says on the spec list that the addition of adaptive suspension lowers the car by 10mm. So is that what you mean by the adaptive mode must have feature?

  7. Disagree. Drove all three for some time and the GLA was much more comfortable and seemed to have more grunt.
    Also liked the shape and design better. BMW was like riding in a horse and cart… harsh riding. Audi had no electric seat on passenger side and seemed less luxurious overall.

  8. Mat for sure talks shit for the Mercedes for no reason..The gla is by far the better car as it’s not a ‘real’ SUV so the things he compared were all SUV based,but for a car in general gla is the best by a mile

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