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Chris Harris Drives The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

In this new series, Chris Harris Drives, exclusively on and the Top Gear YouTube channel, Chris gives the low down on a selection of awesome cars. In this first release, Chris puts the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio through it’s paces!

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  1. Oh Chris, can you please stop drifting on every video, we want to see handling, not skylarking.
    I can drift like the best of them and it has gotten very old, it is time we can sell cars based on proper driving handling characteristics than showing off all the time, a proper lap time is showing off those of us who really appreciate a car like this.
    Great car, great presenter and driver, but please stop this insane drifting crap.

  2. I've had AMGs , M-BMWs and Audis, now i own a Giulia and absolutely love it.

    Mercs and BMWs are too hyped , Audi deserves their reputation, but non of them make me feel like the Giulia does. Thank you, Alfa Romeo.

  3. This Giulia Quadrifoglio is much better than a M4 o C63 under every aspect come on ! Very good job Alfa Romeo, finally italian good cars are back

  4. It is a great review, but a real shame that what most people takes away is that "the manual gearbox is a bit rubbish, and that it is not a great loss it is not available in the UK and US markets". Not true!The manual is the defining feature for me, the reason I bought my Giulia Quadrifoglio and it is not rubbery, the throws are short and precise and the clutch travel is light and precise. In all other respects I agree with the review, it is a superb roadcar and with a chassis that is truly inspired.

  5. I just like it, its the funky look that I like the most, I have seen them in the wild and they are unique and not actually a bad car at all if not excellent. Even the 2.0 Ti is pretty decent if you cannot afford the 2.9L GQ

  6. I hate how people bitch about manuals. I’d be happy if they brought the manual to the States at all. I’m sure it’s fine and more fun than the auto.

  7. 2 1/2 year old video…
    OK, reading through the comments, I see the calculator fraction – counting seconds what a car is faster on a race-track – I really doubt on your daily drive you will see a big difference. Hell, I permanently overtake on my way home or to work with my 200hp turbo diesel all kind off 911s, M3/M5, the occasionally Ferrari aso… get my point?

    If I want a track car, I build or buy one – out in the real world, this "seconds" faster, you might can bloat about it in the pub and try to convince your mates, and yourself why you bought the car you have. – you won't pull a woman with that.

    It's about feeling; and to be honest, the Alfa Giulia feels a tiny bit better, more comfortable… I actually would compare it with an old C63 BlackSeries – it can perform, but it also is very smooth. The M3/M4 feels a bit aggressive.

  8. 'objectively' not as good as the M3… There you had it folks.. The Alfa is one of the greatest, but i think it is overrated and too hyped and has a long way to go to match the german trio, pound for pound..

  9. As Italian, finally Alfa has done something top with Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio! Cars to be proud of…. And sorry Germans but our class and ability to make sport cars is second to none.! I get this over Bmw M, Merc amg or Audi RS. This car have soul and is made with Italian passion and heiritage something that German cars simply can't imitate.

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