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Ford Mondeo Vignale 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

The Ford Mondeo Vignale is the most luxurious Mondeo money can buy and as such, Ford has emphasised comfort above all else for this particular model. It’s a little bit more pricey than the standard Mondeo but, to warrant it’s price tag it comes equipped with a tricked out interior and five-star support network. So does this mean the Ford Mondeo Vignale can go toe to toe with rival competition such as the Jaguar XF or, BMW 3 Series? Find out if I think it’s worth the extra cost in this in-depth video review!

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  1. I have a Mondeo titanium myself, 2.0 turbodiesel 150HP AUT, more than enough, best car ive ever driven. Leather seats, Seat heating, adaptive CC, electric boot, keyless entry.. and lots more, also all the safety systems like lane keeping control for instance.. great car

  2. I find ford disappointing in recent years. The hot focus and mustang are plagued with reliability problems and for me they don't come close to the Germans. It's a shame as I would have considered the mustnag over my m240i if it wasn't so cheep inside.

  3. Its actually a really nice car. I have the estate version with the 240 ps engine and sports suspension. Pros, are comfy leather seats, quiet cabin, excellent ride and handling, headlights, 360 proximity sensors and good looks. ( Nero pack ) cons, brakes are poor for spirited driving, only 1 electric seat ( poor ) electric estate door slow,air con slow, heated seats slow and panoramic roof a bit small. Best bits, heated steering wheel and front screen. ?

  4. In American markets the normal mondeo at least is still a good option as they start from only 16000 pounds and Audi and Mercedes start from around 28000-30000 pounds

  5. That’s a fine car.
    Shame on the the present trend pop remarks who serve no one but the some of the Corp’.
    Looks like after spending few years in the review job one get
    too disconnected and/or too over used and maybe spoiled from anything on the markets
    No offense just what it look like to me.
    and it’s not regarding specific reviewer (all though I post this here) it’s like a reviewers plague.
    Make your own minds.
    There is much more cost involving considering actual buyers like more car for the cost and less extra paying for repairs nor name badges!!!
    And…we’re not buying infotainment systems we buy cars.
    Preferably those that give more and cost less to actually owned.

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