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Here’s Why the Plymouth Prowler Is the Weirdest Car of the 1990s



I had a chance to drive a pristine Plymouth Prowler — and examine all of its unusual quirks. Here’s a review of the Prowler — including everything weird about it.

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  1. Thanks, this gives me some appreciation of the Prowler Chrysler came up with several vanity cars in the nineties – others being the Viper and the SSR- to give Chrysler a more exciting image, not necessarily to sell a whole lot but for people to identify with kinda like Chevy owners might dream about Corvettes. Honestly, from this description, it looks lilke some engineers had a lot of fun putting this together with the materials at hand and budget. Horsepower doesn't always make a car fun, it's a balance between that and handling. I smiled a bit at your description of how the trunk slopes away, you can "see all around you. " Well, that's what sports cars used to do, young'uns. You were out there, wind in the hair. Nowadays, when you see a "convertible" you see the guy's head just barely above the sill all safely protected by a high rear deck and front windshield w/a long slope to protect you. Wow, some convertible fun there, don't get hurt! LIkewise, it is also a twp-seater not doing the bean-counter dance to sell more cars b/c that would make it a four seater for the grocery run. Purpose built for one reason, open air driving.

    Anyway, Plymouth is no more, but this can be counted as an honest effort.

  2. This video was good until you forced us to watch you talk. You talk like you're about to choke on your tongue constantly and it's incredibly annoying. Learn how to talk.

  3. They half-assed this car. Should have been a manual transmission and a V-8 or at least a hopped up turbo 4. Those bumpers – good grief.

  4. Chrysler was NOT "cash strapped" in the mid 1990's when this car was designed and introduced. It was enjoying one of the best product cycles in the companies history. Most of their cars were hits and they sold something like 3 million cars in 1997 or 98 and got back into the European market. Their profit margin was higher than Ford and GM. They even made money on the Neon, and neither GM nor Ford made any money on small cars, which now they make in Korea and Mexico but at the time were producing them in the US.
    Chrysler even squiraled away $10 billion in cash reserves to weather the next economic recession so that they could continue to develop new cars and technologies for when the recession would end. Daimler-Benz bought them under false pretenses (the so-called "merger of equals" and the $10 billion disappeared. Next thing we knew Chrysler was "cash strapped" again in the early 2000's and making cars with cheap, crude plastic interiors and bland styling.
    The Prowler and the PT Cruiser (yes it originally supposed to be a Plymouth), were to lead a retro styling theme design renaissance for Plymouth and make them distinct from other Chrysler brands. After Daimler "merged" (took over) Chrysler, they discontinued the brand and the PT Cruiser sold under the Chrysler brand. It was hugely popular, but it died on the vine with no improvements and no new generations because the Daimler execs hated the car, as it represented the "old" Chrysler that they "merged with" (took over).

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