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Hill Climb, Mud Pits, Trails! Extreme UTV Off Road!

We bring our Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo SXS UTV to a place called Rocks and Valleys. Crazy mud holes… Giant hills… tight technical trails… For us, it really was extreme off road! Not really our style, but hey – it was fun! We met up with the SXSBlog boys while we were out there and Doug ended up getting his Polaris RZR Turbo S stuck in a giant mud hole. That was fun.

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  1. You guys should come to south Florida Big Cypress National Preserve and get some real mudding. Not to bash Nicks X3; but anything can run through a mud hole if you have the right speed. I have done it with raptor 700 and stock SXS.
    Their is a difference in between drive into a hole and flying over it with a slight rear dip.

    I run 37'' BKT and still find by self in some serious shit at times…

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