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Is it worth $80,000? 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 PLATINUM Review | 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel

The new F350 Super Duty Platinum is an amazing truck but is it worth $80K ? Find out in todays review! Follow us on Social Media:


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  1. $80k truck with $80k problems after 60k miles. Better get old crappy truck will never go to dealer to see why that damn light is on

  2. Trucks were made to be a cheap way to haul shit for a job or the farm. Now people think it's nessisary to use them as a status symbol. If there is more plastic out side of your truck then inside then inside you're doing something wrong especially if it costs you 80k. All these electronics make things way to complicated and these trucks will be outdated in a few years. So really what is the point of buying this truck? There are so many alternatives to buying this overpriced truck.

  3. I bought a 2003 F250 with 82K original miles on it, its super clean, loaded with leather and all. I tinted the windows, put in a touch screen stereo with backup camera and bluetooth. Did some upgrades on the lights, grill and mirrors to newer style F250 and put new 18 inch modern wheels and tires on it and I'm in it for a total of $17k all said and done. It tows my 13k pound 5er like there is no tomorrow and runs and looks great. I'll keep the other $63k plus tax and interest in my bank account thank you very much. Fools and their money soon part. Don't get me wrong, if you make bank then have at it but I know for a fact that over half the people who buy these trucks make less money then I do and have to work all month long to make the payments…..I'll take a vacation and enjoy myself in my new paid for truck! I made one payment, the day I bought it. lol.

  4. Absolutely stunning truck.. but it’s getting out of hand. Where did getting your basic truck to get the job done and keeping the truck for years?

    I understand this is the top notch, PLATINUM version, good at towing, military aluminum body, but that PRICE TAG IS DISRESPECTFUL…

  6. Honestly, for the price, you may as well go for a large, luxury SUV if you're not really going to use the bed or tow very much. For consumers who intend on using the Super Duty as a Daily Driver, why not invest that money in a Ford Expedition or even a Lincoln Navigator instead? I will say though, the Ford Super Duty is a handsome, rugged looking truck and it's clear it's the best among its competitors. What do you guys think? Don't get me wrong, I love the Ford SD but ride quality is a big selling point for me as a consumer.

  7. I feel bad for society… i can't believe that many dumb people actually pay alot of money for cars or trucks like this when after a week the value is not the same as day one ! For what honestly ! Just to show off to your neighbors to prove how dumb you are ?? or show off to people on the red light street or ralphs parking lot who will see you only once in their life !!!!

  8. Let's flip this conversation and break it down…..2 years old 8k in mileage ultimate package 60000 grand out the door. Traded in a 2014 ram 2500 Laramie loaded. I have a boat, quads and move 10-12 cords of wood a year. The ride quality is amazing the power is wonderful and the amenities are fun. Does it really make this truck more capably. Hell no. Does make you happy driving it? Can you afford it? I've had Denalis, Laramies, platinums they are all great capable trucks. If you can afford it and it makes you happy. Drive on. I will say buy used and let someone else eat that depreciation. Diesel forever.

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