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Jaguar F-Pace 2018 SUV in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

This is Jaguar’s first foray into the family friendly SUV market. The F-Pace faces stiff competition from popular rivals such as the Range Rover Discovery Sport, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC. However, can the British manufacturer carry over their sterling work which was made famous on their popular saloons? Looks wise, the F-Pace is certainly set to turn heads and make an impact, but does carry over inside? I share all my thoughts on the brand new Jaguar F-Pace in this 4k video review.

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  1. I hate the interior, and it doesn’t validate the price; a larger screen seen in the Tesla should be a must fir newer cars. However, I do like the exterior, and thing this series illustrates a Jaguar comeback…

  2. Awesome to look at, but anything below eye level, the quality is so low they may as well have used polestyrene, regretting this purchase . After service is horrific. Im going back to bmw after this one.

  3. You should be grateful to the Tatas that they are trying to revive the failing JLR. No reason to be proud of JLR as they were making sub-standard cars which are far inferior to other brands yet cheaper cost.

  4. In most of the carwow videos, the presenter is hiding/covering with his thumb/fingers, when he shows how much a customer can save on his iPad. What is he hiding, carwow?

  5. One of Jaguars core values has always been a high end interior, not any more, the interior of this car and the XE fall way short of what is expected for the brand….and the price.

  6. I went to a jaguar showroom yesterday and I have to say the quality of the interior in the F pace was very disappointing. The materials were of poor quality, the door handles felt like they were recycled from an old van and everything was scratchy and creaky.

    It's a shame to see Jaguar making so little effort to maintain their brand.

  7. Carwow you need to do a review on the Maserati levante, make sure it’s with this reviewer as he’s easily the best out of them all, but I don’t know his name so sorry about that

  8. I have had my 2018 F-Pace Prestige (USA version) with tech pkg/vision pkg/comfort – convenience pkg/ for a year and no problems. Love the car. It turns a lot of heads and I hear a lot of "I didn't know Jaguar made an SUV". I did order it custom so it was built to my specifications and shipped over, so not purchased off the lot, so don't know if that made a difference as I have read / seen reviews of people who have had problems. Most stem from the infotainment system and most who have the basic In Touch Control but many with the In Touch Control Pro seem to have less problems and that system comes tie the tech pkg. I am also just getting ready to take it in for the 1st year service and will have the new infotainment update that includes the phone pack update and finally give us Apple and Android car play!

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