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Meet The Affordable Mercedes G-Wagon that costs less than a used Honda Accord

( ) Meet The Affordable Mercedes G-Wagon that costs less than a used Honda Accord.

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  1. Warning folks: this scamster fled back to a spider hole in Alabama.. call him and let him know we know all about his dirtbag business tactics.. I can't stand such lack of ethics.

  2. This is a wanna-be mobile stealership. Even if you pay $38k and actually get one, you will be the fool that looks cool but actually is sweating like a pig in an ex-military vehicle with no AC.

  3. They actually have to get it to the shores of the USA and then pay shipping cost to Colorado and then send it to California or NY when they sell it?

  4. Yeah… spend 38K on one of these… don’t bother buying a MBZ G500 for 25k, it’s only 100 times better… cause like the title says, these pieces of shit are cheaper than a Honda!! (but they’re not)….

  5. So basically a $30,000-$60,000 chocolate covered turd. If I wanted to spend that money I’ll go to Jonathan Ward and Icon to get a vehicle done right. These look half assed.

  6. We used to have an '86 g wagon as a shop truck and that thing was gutless. I mean 2nd gear up a hill gutless. 80 hp in something that heavy was not much. 5cyl turbo swap is an absolute must just to keep up with traffic.

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