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Second Hand Heroes: 4x4s – Fifth Gear

Tiff takes a look at 3 Second Hand Heroes that would be as comfortable in a city as they are on the road.

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  1. No no, wrong title, should read '' SECOND HAND MONEY EATERS '' cheap to buy, but EXPENSIVE to run, so if you are on a budget DO NOT buy any of these, unless you are WEALTHY or MAD !!!!

  2. А где история с задирами в цилиндрах на кайенах с v8 ? Или в Британии все норм?

  3. Ive bought 4 years ago a range p38dse. Drove 40000 miles. Cost me 3500€ purchase , spend 6000€ tires , brakes, 4new airbags , compressor, fuel high pressure lines, starter alternator, battery, al water hoses, radiator, had gasket replacent, ( exept head gasket change dis al repairs myself) and sold it last year for 1000€ with leaking head gasket again!! . Now drive a new toyota landcruiser prado!

  4. It pains me a bit, as a german, to say this:
    The only decent-looking car here is the Rover. The Porsche is just the worst, regarding it's front and back design. They either should stay on creating sports cars, or find a different design for offroaders.

  5. The Range Rover for me…I remember seeing an Autobiography in 1998 when I was 3…….It was a revelation for me as it was the first car I ever sat in that had picnic tables & Tom-Jerry playing on the rear TV-screens 😉 …..The P38A was my first memory of "Luxury SUV". The Cayenne/X5/RR-Sport is a better comparison, as the P38A is more S-class/XJ/7-er rival IMO.

  6. X5 is one of the worst cars ive driven. If you only have 6000 pounds you shouldnt buy an SUV but im sure the makers of this video know that..

  7. Cool video 🙂
    We had the Porsche and the Range Rover from these 3. The Porsche Cayenne S was faultless for the 8 years we had her. The Range Rover we had for a few years back in 2000. The auto gearbox kept messing about along with the suspension.
    We currently have the x6 but the 2nd gen, it’s been great so far. The x6 and the cayenne are both on my channel as very in-depth tours.

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