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Taking my Crosstrek through Wenatchee National Forest off road

Just added a 2″ lift the other weekend and wanted to see what my Subaroo could do out in the trails. Went up to the #301 4WD trail to give it a short shakedown.

Drivetrain Mod List –
2″ Total Lift with 1″ Mann Engineering Lift Springs and Anderson Design 1″ Shock Spacers
2″ Anderson Design Subframe Drop
215/75 15 BFG KO2 All Terrain Tires
15″ Method Racing 502 VT spec Rally Wheels



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  1. Can I ask a somewhat personal question? How much did the lift cost? I have a 2013 Trek and I am looking around at different kits. (PS, I too live in the PNW so I am hoping to get it done by a local shop)

  2. I have a 2015 Crosstrek myself. Thanks for the inspiration! How far did you travel down the 301? And what's the band you sampled from 30 seconds to 3 min?

  3. Nice Vid! I got the 2016 model and I want to lift it 2" as well. What is the manufacture of your lift kit? any suggestion? Thanks. Eric

  4. Hey quick question! So I have a 04 fozzy and i installed a ADF 2” lift. My MPGs went down a bit. Did you notice any changes in yours? Ans what trans you got? Auto or manual?

  5. Do you think you could do this without any modifications to a Crosstrek? I am going next month, and I really want to do some easy trail driving just on factory (for now..until I get her paid off… then I'll lift her and be a bit more adventurous)… would love some advice.

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