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The Get Away Car

You reach a point in life when you have to choose. Career over passion. Work over play. It’s when surfers turn CEOs. Photographers turn lawyers. Fly-fishers turn doctors. Mountain climbers turn engineers.

It’s when you put a piece of yourself on hold. And as time passes, the things you used to love doing, start to fade away. This is a reminder to not forget what you love. All the activities that you once embraced.

A message amplified by an original speech by the philosopher Alan Watts, recorded in 1959.

This is a tribute to his legacy and the values he shared with Volvo.



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  1. As a student of Alan Watts, I can tell you he was not anti-materialism. In fact, he warned against the spiritual trap trying to get rid of desire; because then you desire not to desire. You can't get one up on the universe and you are the material world. You need not negate yourself

  2. Using the works of some of humanities' greatest men to pervert their words into the shilling of material goods when the message couldn't be more juxtaposed. It is disgusting. Almost every major car manufacturer is guilty of this. Propaganda at it's finest and most revolting. If you're not familiar look into the dark tactics of mass manipulation and subversion spearheaded by companies like this. It goes much further than you would imagine and no the irony is not lost on them. It's intentional.

  3. Volvo being a company that sells a product, doesn't automatically make them materialistic.
    Those of you saying that are cynical, and likely materialistic yourselves.

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