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Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa – Comparative Review

The Toyota Innova Crysta or the Tata Hexa? Which is the better MPV? What is the safer car for your family? Which is specced better? We answer all these queries as we compare the Innova Crysta 2.4 Z and the Tata Hexa 2.2 XT.



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  1. I took a test drive of tata hexa 2 days back in moti nagar delhi…its AC is worst in cooling even in temps of 36 -38 degree Celsius. I wonder wat will happen in full hot summers of delhi. I wont recommend.

  2. Requested so many times, Toyoto Innnova Crysta which was my choice initially to upgrade top model with 7 seater but they have not listened my request…. where TATA HEXA met with all my dreams…. TATA steel proves on steel enclosure which is more superior in all Indian Models…..

  3. At last!!!! I have purchased TATA HEXA top variant of XT – MT with 4×4 which is awesome where I have attended Off Road Show and impressed… I am walking with pride by owning TATA HEXA XT 4X4 with 4 modes of Driving both ON and OFF Road……

  4. Tata hexa is the best.. We have driven both the vehicles and we truly felt Hexa provides more than what crysta does for its price. Hexa has proved that even Indian brand can make a difference in SUV segment….

  5. comparison of HEXA with Innova Crysta is not possible.
    Gradability and departure angle of the HEXA are much better. Crysta can never achieve even 50 percent of the functionality of the HEXA. Unfortunate indeed that We are getting a " Not so honest" review from someone like you. Terrain response in the HEXA is amazing.Handling bad roads is a breeze in HEXA. It can Wade, Climb, Not get stuck anywhere. Crysta is a people carrier. HEXA 4 X 4 a true blue SUV. And did I mention the high quality of HEXA.
    Tata Motors has EVOLVED.
    It is not the same as Tata motors 2 years ago.

  6. all 4 rims of my xma variant are bent at 800 kms, I drove it with utmost care, I am also getting all rims replaced but workshop technicians are stating that you will face similar problem within next 2-3000 kms please replace rims with alloy wheels as we will will charge you next time.
    rest no problem with the vehicle it is superb vehicle but this thing is sad.
    if it's manufacturing defect please resolve it Tata.

    if any else is also having same issue please comment.

  7. Hexa seems to be a better product. I am just skeptical about the after-sales service. Any owners here who can share some insights on TATA's after sales service?

  8. Missing
    Led headlight
    Galvanized body
    Dual clutch automatic transmission
    8" vertically leid out infotainment system
    And engine refinement.
    Door gap sealing should be improve.
    You will definitely win against innova crysta

  9. Finally our Indian Car, feels awesome to own one. Toyota, thanks for fooling us with ur one n only Innova which is meant only for the Taxi segment. Innova is your only trump card here and helped play safe with ur age old tractor like engine ?.

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