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VW T6 2017 California – VW Bus Campervan Overview

Let’s take a look at the new 2017 Volkswagen T6. This modern VW Bus is the California model, which is available in Europe.

First glance it looks like VW have created an excellent platform for a campervan. We would love to know what you think of the the new VW T6, what do you like, what don’t you like?

NEW: Volkswagen announced they are making an all electric VW Bus – check it out:

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  1. An amazing vehicle. Technologically advanced, bells and whistles and kitted up to its' eyeballs. Unfortunately, not you in any way. May as well get a stand-in for yourself and Leah then. Sorry to take candy from you, but the T2 is you and Kombi Life.
    The T6 has nothing to enhance or add to the 'Kombi Life' brand !

  2. When you go to a VW dealer in order to buy something for your beloved Syncro, they say that there is not such a thing as a t3 Syncro model.

    And they are right since the official name of the 1979 VW bus, (2wd), or of the 1985 Syncro, (4wd), model is: t25.

    But all the Syncronauts we know:


    That is why t5/t6 cannot compete to the, highest, 4wd, named Syncro, with Gelande, dual lockers, auto central differential locking without hydraulics, (and maintenance), 50/50 weight ratio, symmetrical, (Mirage), transmission, Direct Drive rear differential, (no clutch), with unlimited, off road, load capabilities, Soft Start front differential, (never breaks), auto correction/auto regulation suspension, huge stealth stabilization spoiler, riding on the air feeling, (rear engine, forward control), i4/i5/v6/v8/w12 cheap engine modification, high snorkel, (~1.80 m), lowest IIHS of the 90's death rate, limited electronics and many others.

    We have to accept it:

    in the year 2200 the t25 will be, (again), available, (?).
    (Counting 10 years for the introduction of a new t model as up to now).


    The t3(=t25) Syncro is a 30 years old car, back to the future, from the next century, year 2200.

    (Please don't worry. A 2018 Haldex t6 is readily available if you cannot wait for a t24 or a t25 from the next century).

    The Syncro Heresy

  3. please don't promote VW – their bad customer service is beyond a joke – I've been a VW owner & superfan for the last twenty years…but I've just got rid of my last ever liar-wagen!

  4. I like it for what it is. I think it'll be great for the next generation that just wants a vw to just hop in and go. Still it does just look like a redesigned Astro mini van so there's that.

  5. Eghhh personally I think it has a bit of character, its like an old rich uncle, they don't look too inviting and seem pretty fun, then he opens up and he knows how to do so many things while still being the efficient butler type

  6. That looks awesome, pure luxury for travelling ?, no more motor rebuilding, stock up on food ? in the freezer, ect, ect, I think it would be amazing to travel ? in that one, nothing like papito, lol..???⛽️

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