2016 Ford Focus RS vs Subaru STI Powered Rally Car

As we prepare our 2016 Ford Focus RS for rally competition, we test the car in production form against a turbo Subaru Open Class rally car in the snow at the Team O’Neil Rally School. The Focus RS at this point has downsized brakes, bilstein shocks, 15″ wheels, ABS deleted, and a skid plate. Otherwise it is completely stock. The Subaru is period correct full Prodrive built 2.0L car with dogbox transmission, ProFlex suspension, active center diff, etc. Stay tuned for news on our Ford Focus RS rally builds!



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  2. The Impreza is always a joy to watch and listen to. But man, the newer Ford Focus have come a long way and I gotta give Ford props. I wouldn't mind having one of these Focus RS.

  3. "So we have rubber tires on an icy road its a bit of a challenge " says the badass drifting in the subaru effortlessly all the while looking directly at the camera during mid drift hahahaha just awsome

  4. yeah the focus rs couldve definitely pounded the accelerator more, was driving its lines as if it was racing on asphalt, both drivers werent going very fast at all but that rs was practically doing a school zone given the lack of sliding. yes newer rally cars can beat old rally cars (kelsey mc2 anyone?), its just that old rally cars hold a special place in our hearts and thats why we still drive them, theyre still very very fun and the legacy they uphold is just marvelous.

  5. Too bad the RS still can’t compete against any year of STI. That’s just a 2.5RS with an STI motor. Imagine that RS against the newest STI. I don’t think there’s much question honestly

  6. I could be wrong but it seems to be a trend in alot of videos like these to compare NEW american made vehicles to 10-20yr old japanese vehicles and then say the american made one is good, which it may be however the JAPANESE automakers have been making very good vehicles for decades…
    in other words no one is comparing 10-20yr old american made vehicles to NEW Japanese vehicles… right? or am I not watching enough youtube lol

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