2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge: Off Road

Our 2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge panel of judges had the chance to flog each of the 4×4 competitors at a private off road park just outside Ann Arbor, MI. We played in the sand, on hill climbs, over rocky trails, even playing in the mud. What we discovered surprised us.

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  1. This review is pathetic. I am surprised that they call themselves automotive journalists. All of them shared their opinion about the Chevrolet. Then only two or three provided opinions on the other vehicles. Hypocrites. When reviewing the Chevrolet they complained about it being “old school” but liked that the Nissan was “old school.” WTF losers? Get your FAKE NEWS journalism down. Be ashamed of yourselves. Who paid you the most advertising or bribe money? Who gave you free box seats to an NBA game?

  2. 0:55 buddy crying the blues about having to move his head to turn a knob? What's up with that? Maybe he should get back to his BMW, and get some real men to test your trucks.

  3. I don't think the Canyon got a fair shake here, should have tested the All Terrain version that is actually designed for light off roading like the Z71, Pro-4X, and TRD Off Road they used in the other 3 trucks that mattered.  The Honda…meh.  It's a Honda, doesn't even have 4WD, just AWD which isn't the same.

  4. They all suck. Little under powered trucks trying to be powerful….. trying to be OFF ROAD machines. These are built and sold to the public…They all suck, however…they all could be great off road trucks if equipped with after market parts that would give these economical trucks what they need. Then they would all be great. So key board monkeys…. stop bashing the other brand. We should be glad that we can go out and buy these cool little trucks! Your lucky.

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