2017 Ford Raptor: 80+ MPH Baja Mode Off-Road Review

( ) 2017 Ford Raptor: 80+ MPH off-road desert run review. What is the 2nd gen Raptor like at high-speed desert running? Find out right here.

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  1. Ford has proven the market for these types of trucks yet noone is even attempting to nip at their heels… Honest to God some marketing guy at GM has to be thinking "if we could just put a similar truck together with our 6.2." people would eat it up.

    I know the ecoboost does well, there is no doubting that. I'd be willing to bet the old 6.2 would hold it's own given a 500LB diet, 10spd tranny, and better suspension. I just don't see the need for the ecoboost in this truck when you can field a quality V8 and force induce it and get much more power. I'm not in the industry but if Ford can twin turbo all their V-6 lineup what's stopping them from doing it to the 5.0 and putting it in the raptor? Room? Budget?

    Anywho 2017 raptor is awesome, bet the field a v8 sooner or later.

  2. I got to wait for V8 Raptor if Ford do it as I have one now a 2010 that I
    really enjoy driving very fast and strong. But my heart said wait for
    the V8 at least 560 to 580 horsepower what I truly want but I love the
    new body style Ford Make a V8 so you will not miss my money to be made that
    would be a 70,000.00 truck I guess.

  3. To all you complainers ford put the twin v6 in it because it's hell of a lot lighter than the v8 is and the raptor is about getting up their fast and speed and the twin v6 will do it

  4. I just bought a 2017 Supercrew Raptor, picked it up last Saturday. I LOVE this truck, and even more surprisingly my wife loves this truck. This is possibly as fun as my 2015 F80 M3 albeit in a different way. It is comfortable, well built, quiet and just overall the best truck I've ever been in. I love, love, love this truck and I don't know if anyone could have done a better job building a fun, exciting truck. I love this truck.

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