2019 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Review – Is this Off-Road Beast a good Daily Driver?

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Welcome to the off roading special Tundra, the updated 2019 Tundra TRD Pro! In this review, I” share all of the exclusive equipment of the TRD Pro and how it fares as a regular day-today vehicle! Max Landi from The Drive Guyde finds out!

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  1. Crawl control is only for serious offroading. The Tundra is way too big for that. I drive a Tundra, and have had 2 4Runners and a Land Cruiser.

  2. The people that buy these is to cater to those who want a modern truck which reliability and not not fuel mileage or the electronics of a Gmc or ram or f150. We need a category for the people who do want new and old school is the way to go. More simple. Just drive without think about your rims or running boards less to tear up. Smartphones can make up for apple car play. Get a car charger wireless at bestbuy for 20 dollars and do without those options if it tears your young not forced to take apart your dash for something simple. The same thing with the Nissan frontiers they last. Japanese just gets it right with the simple design and usable trucks. Mine has almost 90000 miles it drives like it did at 17 miles. And I replaced a light bulb, belt and new tires. Same brakes that will give you a whiplash no noise. And it drive city daily. It just works. If ford can make a truck as good I'd buy a ford.

  3. Way too much, I bought new 2015 limited DC, added TRD pro exhaust and TRD pro F/R shocks, same truck with better interior for less than $44K. Got 72K miles and no problems other than back up sensor going out. I hated that crap anyway, so no loss for me.

  4. All I want to know is if you’re 6’2, how much headroom do you have?
    One reason I didn’t buy one of the other Toyotas, was the head room and legroom made me feel claustrophobic!!!
    I went and bought a Kia soul because of the legroom and headroom. ?
    I’m now looking at trucks, but I don’t want to be in a sardine can.

  5. Doesn't make sense that the 2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad 4×4 that I owned had keyless entry, push to start and heated seats as well as crawl control. At $63k that is very expensive to not include these items.

  6. No push button start, No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Same ugly boring ergonomics, very dated. I Love Toyota quality so don't beat me up here, It's just that I am ready for Toyota to really upgrade their interiors to the 21st century. When they do that I'll go get me a Tundra cause I know they are good trucks.

  7. The problem with the TRD Pro is that it is based off the SR5. The leather isn’t that good, there’s not heated seats, no Dual Zone automatic climate, no JBL audio.

    The problem with tundras is that they don’t have keyless entry, remote start, they have an outdated stereo without CarPlay, ad well as a bunch of other small things.

    I can deal with one or two missing things, but not a pallet of them. I want a tundra really bad but it needs more features

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