Ask Mr. Truck #8: Cummins or Duramax? Ram or GMC 3/4 Ton?

Which truck to get: a 2017 Ram HD 2500 with the Cummins or the 2017 GMC Sierra HD 2500 with the new Duramax diesel? Is waiting for the 2018 Ram HD a good idea? Will the first year of the new truck have reliability problems? Also, fuel additives, gooseneck vs. 5th wheel, and more.

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  1. imho, the RAM 3500 with Cummins engine and Aisin tranny is not receiving proper attention. Cummins and Aisin are famous for strength and reliability, proven over a decade longer than all other brands. Time will tell if the rest of truck is equal to the engine and tranny.

  2. I've burned up two transmissions on two separate 2015 RAM 2500 Cummins trying to get outta 2-3ft deep mud…I've also been fortunate enough to be in that same situation with a 2015 Silverado 2500HD Duramax and I didn't burn up the trans : )…I've been stuck in mud with both trucks countless times and the RAM almost always makes it out the Chevy not so much…I don't own any truck & never have but from my experience the Chevy is of better overall build quality…Power wise…RAM. hands down

  3. I look at it this way. If you need an every day work truck, you buy a Ford. If you need to tow a lot of weight, you buy a Dodge. And if you just want to look cool, you buy a Chevy.

  4. Duramax'a are ALWAYS more expensive to purchase, used. There's a reason for that. When I was a teen looking for my first diesel, brand by brand, when comparing the big 3, the duramax was always more expensive and there weren't that many of them for sale. There's a reason for them.

  5. Have you ever watched the video from insane diesel? It was saying that it recommend (of course they sell one) a secondary remote oil filter and fuel additive to minimize possible wear to new diesel engines because of emissions equipment.

  6. I saw the immediate aftermath of a head on crash between a buick lesabre and a ram 3500 towing a gooseneck horse trailer. (buick destroyed along with driver, and entire front end of Ram eliminated). The horse trailer, (probably 8,000 lbs empty). was still attached.
    The goosenecks are strong. That was probably 100 plus mph combined speed crash.

  7. The power train on the new chevy duramax has no issue towing a combined weight of 30k lbs. the issue lies in the ultra rigid chassis. A true heavy duty chassis should be able to flex so you don't end up breaking the welds on the chassis. Best example are semi tractors notice when hauling heaving loads the chassis on the semi will twist so you don't end up breaking welds bolts rivets that hold the chassis together. When you stand back and notice a one ton dually is about a 1/3 weight of a semi and tows about the 1/3 the weight a semi can. Remember chevy was the very first to introduce the ultra rigid frame that would keep the tail gate on the pick up from binding on a unrealistic scenario. Soon after ram followed and recently ford bought into. Notice why ram and ford do not offer an ultra rigid frame on their cab and chassis line up because the ultra rigid frames are actually brittle.

  8. i own a f150 now but i also want a new truck(silverado or ram) and a mustang. i guess ill wait on the truck and get the mustang stuck in a tough decision.

  9. Question: Half ton? Three quarter ton? But what is the reference? One would think it was the rated payload in the bed, but the payload is usually well above that with modern pickups.

  10. i own a big rig but i don't. know nothing about engines ot transmissions. i want a 2013 4×4 diesel truck and i just dont know what brand it is better any bady????

  11. I'll give my 2 cents, as I own a new 3500 and 2500. One 6.4 hemi other 6.7 cummins. Previously I've owned 4 ford's (2 diesel 6.7's) and before that all gm (1 08 dmax). I do commercial landscaping and plowing. Probably the hardest work on a truck. My take is the epa is killing these trucks. Every diesel I've owned has failed due to epa. Not one of my gassers have. I had a 6l gm hit 250kms as a plow truck. Ran fine. Mfg advertise the power train warranty to be longer on a diesel. What you might miss is the epa warranty is usually half that. Dpf fails after the warranty and takes out a turbo. Yup you're paying. I've paid thousands. At that point you're truck is down and you're now loosing more then if you had a gasser and in my case paying a sub in the winter or renting a truck in the summer. Ya it's great for the business..Not. If you buy a diesel and can't delete it trade it after the epa warranty runs out, what I'll do when the time comes. Each brand works well. You won't be loving your cummins/dmax/powerstroke when the cel light is flashing at you.

  12. Adding a fuel additive in a new truck? No reason to do this! Only reason is for extremely cold/solidification of diesel fuel in that cold weather/ Sure, add a quality additive specifically for your cold weather application. No need to buy sometime with "extra" additives either!

  13. Im about to purchase a truck. 2017/18 Ram 2500 Cummings with 6 speed MANUAL G56 tranny I think or 2018 gmc 2500 with duramax and Allison. Help please. I’m convinced manual is better. Made by Mercedes I’m told. I also plan to tow campers and life goal is to put million miles. Help please.

  14. Guys… I'd ask you to do a five year Total Cost of Ownership study for each of the three Diesel engine manufacturers to determine over time through normal mixed use – which engine consistently operated at the lowest cost to do so. This ultimately trumps horsepower, torque, Ike's gauntlet, etc, etc….

  15. I have a question: Does it make a huge difference where you buy your diesel, heavy use gas station vs. local diesel gas station, can it really hurt my engine in the long run?

  16. Since 2001 GM's Duramax Allison combination has been the best !!!!!Ford has came out with three separate platforms to try to compete, two of them are absolute failures the last one time will tell.

  17. I've been a diesel mechanic gor 40 years and I'm so glad all the bullshit restrictions on the new diesel eangins had been taken off ,they finely took care of them all unnecessary filters .

  18. The best heavy duty truck pairs the simplicity and reliability of a Cummins with an Allison Transmission and the components of a Toyota. Everyone of these has their strong and weak points. I have owned all three by the way.

  19. I drive a 17 3500 ram Cummins. 7 main bearings vs. 5 on the d-max. Simpler engine design with fewer moving parts, and a front axle with tie rods that look like dinosaur bones, compared to the d-max with an independent front end with links the size of your pinky finger. D-max is.trash. been driving diesels for ever. Got a 1st gen 7.3 powerstroke that is heavily modified and would put a hurting on both of those rigs. 300,000 miles. If you want a new fancy truck that can match that. Cummins can. I've never seen a d-max go over 200,000 without major problems.

  20. Bought a 2018 Chevy Duramax 2500 in October of 2017 it has been in the shop 5 times. It will die then not restart, just set and crank. They can not fix it it’s not leaving any codes. The first time couldn’t find anything wrong. They have since replaced the fuel rail 2 different times, “found a loose wire” one time, and most recently replaced the ecu which kept it running for about half a day/30 miles. The truck has been at the dealership well over a months time “being fixed ” I was using it as my work truck for my personal hot shot business. I have lost lots of money because of this truck and still am due to it’s at the dealership again and they don’t know how to fix it. And GM is dragging their feet on getting a replacement or giving my money back that I have lost and wasted on this truck. It has nearly cost me my business and may yet if something doesn’t get done soon. I’m a huge Chevy fan but this experience has nearly ruined me. DO NOT!!! Buy a 2018 3/4 ton Chevrolet Duramax…

  21. Too bad buying a Ram isnt investing into the USA anymore! Buy Ford or GMC. I know they are all outsourced to slave labor to build them but at least we can keep the money in the USA. Buy USA!

  22. The only reason GM has a lower tow rating is because of the gear ratio . The run 3.73 ONLY where as Ford and Ram use 4.10 , but if you spec out a ram or Ford with 3.73 they are rated at 24,500 as well

  23. As much as I love TFL Truck and it's videos, I wish they covered the crucial segment of reliability; even if it means for the trucks/vehicles they've owned.

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