Behind the Scenes at World’s Greatest Drag Race 6! – Daily Fix

Every day for the past week, Daily Fix with Carlos Lago has been providing a peek behind the scenes of Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car, and on this episode we show you what goes into making the World’s Greatest Drag Race. If you like what you see, go check out our free 30-day trial on MotorTrendOnDemand.com. If not, you can still enjoy the normal shows here for free on YouTube.

Find new episodes of Daily Fix with Carlos Lago every weekday on Motor Trend OnDemand. Daily Fix gives subscribers an inside look into the personalities and vehicles behind Motor Trend OnDemand. You can expect deeper insight from your favorite hosts, be it inside the latest Roadkill creation, the hottest metal at Motor Trend, or during casual conversation inside the garage. Sign up for a free 30-day trial on MotorTrendOnDemand.com and find the first episode today!

We’ve provided this free episode on YouTube to give you a taste of Daily Fix so you can decide if you’d like to subscribe for more episodes.



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  1. is every damn thing you do about MTOD hell i wonder how your meetings go hey no one signing up for Motor Trend on demand oh really so just keep pushing it and shoving it down everyone's throat and keep saying it and pushing it money money money

  2. OMG…This was the most PAINFUL Motor trend video to watch…and it didn't even show Jason…LMFAO;-P

    The $200k Winner of Best driver's car has issues….looks like a Z06.
    Mercedes had trouble
    GT-R got off the line slow on one take
    syncros gone on the ACR

    If you want to make any car look AMAZING…..just park it next to the ugly GT-R;-) GT-R can make a Yaris look sexy.

  3. It's funny how that red SUV is just backing up behind the super cars while it's racing but I know it's for the camera but it's just funny

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