Best Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017

Get your bike ready for your next adventure this spring. RyanF9 shares with us his favorite ADV & Dual Sport Tires of 2017!

Best Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017 :

0:26 – Michelin Anakee 3:
2: 09 – Shinko 705:
2:09 – Continental TKC70:
3:25 – Motoz Tractionator GPS:
5:17 – Shinko E805:
6:46 – Kenda K270:
6:46 – Shinko 244:

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  1. Great video Ryan! Question, I just bought a Ducati Desert sled scrambler which comes with the Pirili Scorpions. I was thinking of the other options when these wear down. I do about 60 road/ 40 dirt but I live in Mexico. Love visiting small towns, the roads there can be cobble stone, mud and hard pack all in one day but I take the highway to get there. Also doing some fire trail type stuff. Any ideas on a good tire for that Scrambler? Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the great review ?

    You didn't mention the Pirelli Scorpion MT 90 A/T which is great on road and pretty good on dry tracks and gravel – similar to the Continental TKC70.

    Cheers ?

  3. Hi Amigo! im a begginer on a motorcycle and i think i have more kms on off road with anakee 3 than in on road, im about to change the anakee but i don’t know wich ones because i don’t want to lose my security on the road but want something decent to the dirt, ✌?

  4. Hey @fortnine I just bought the shinko’s 705 for my Super Tenere 1200 from the 2 options I got the more expensive… are those the right speed range and weight for my bike?

  5. Sorry man , I've tried but when you tell me that the TKC 80 gets it's smoothness from it's paddle wheel knob arraignment . . . Uh . . . fore . . . your fucking crazy boy . Thanks All , Thanks be

  6. I’m stuck, I don’t know what to get at all. I am planning on riding my YZ250fx to work on the highway. I still want to be able to ride trails on the weekend. So would that be 80 street/ 20 trail?

  7. Hi! after watching your video, I would like to put Shinko 804-5 on my xsr900 for an aggressive look. I don't think i will use it off road, maybe too rare but %90 I will use it on road. Will it be safe enough for my on road experience? Or do you suggest another tire with same mad max look but good capacity on road? Thanks!

  8. Great review mate! What pressure do you recommend for the K60 Scouts? Im riding a GS 1200 ADV LC and I think 2.5-2.9 is a bit risky for these. What is your opinion? Thanks in advance, safe rides!

  9. Thanks, you do the best reviews!

    Do you know of any good road tires for a lighter bike (1987 Yamaha XT 600) that aren't too bad on sand?

    I live in les landes, France. The soil around here is almost pure sand. I need good road tires that are ok for sandy tracks through the forests. I've got nobbly tires on now but they feel awful on the road, which is where I do 80% of my riding. So yeah, road 80%, sand 19%, slippy pine tree roots 1%.

  10. Nice job wit this video Ryan. I am a young 62 still running hard both on and off road…in much shorter segments…yeahhhh. Wonder if you have any thoughts/experience with 19" DOT rated dirt track tires? Would like to try them on my CRF250. Vee rubber in Thailand makes the VRM-394 in two compounds. (I am in the "don't need them to last" camp.)

  11. I ride a 650cc V-strom and I find the Shinko 705's don't inspire confidence on wet tarmac, and they have significant gyroscopic inertia, making them very heavy when they're spinning, and unwilling to change lean angles. I'm going to try something else next.

  12. Hi Ryan
    I'm looking at buying a road tyres for my r1200gs ,live in UK so plenty of rain,but love fast Twisties in the dry.
    Would value you thoughts.
    Enjoy your videos ,find them enjoyable to watch and informative and look forward to video releases.
    Thanks matt

  13. Am i the only one who is asking the following question. Where does he get his so over confident information from?. He surely has not tested all tires on all terrains in all weather conditions with all kinds of temperatures after 5000 miles on each bike and on different bikes. Can he explain this. I need context.

  14. Nice Video, I am hoping to get 2000km out of the rear tyre, a TKC 80 on a KTM 1090 Adventure R and i am still running the bike in. I have not really twisted the throttle at all yet, I ride 60/40 open hard dirt roads/bitumen. On the dirt i still average about 60-80 km/p/hr. But like you say they are sticky on the bitumen.

  15. Second set of Annakee 3's and have never had a puncture.
    Mixed riding .
    2600 km tour of Newfoundland no issues.
    Lots of mixed trails and beaches.
    Did get over 17,ooo on the set.
    They do hate wet grass.
    But then so do I ha ….
    Never had any wobble or slip in turns not even wet turns .
    2012 KLR650 .

  16. FYI…Continental TKC80 is made in Korea by Shinko to Continental's specs. Shinko designed the 804/805 to be slightly better hence the better wear factor & as good or better performance. Look on TKC sidewall & you'll see "made in Korea". Trace the DOT numbers to Shinko factory. You can't go wrong with the 804/805.

  17. Excellent as always.
    As a new KLR owner I'm looking for what will replace the OEM tires and this was entertainly informative… which keeps my attention. lol I'm looking at the Michelin Anakee Wild on the rear and maybe the TKC80 on the front. I'd just go with the Dunlop D606 except I can't find them in the KLR rear's 130/80×17 size.

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