Best Car Wash Foam Cannon for Low PSI – New TORQ Snow Foamer – Chemical Guys Car Care

In this video, Matt breaks out our brand new TORQ Snow Foamer Foam Cannon. The Snow Foamer requires less PSI making it ideal for enthusiasts with lower grade gas pressure washers or electric powered pressure washer units.

TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer

Car wash foam adds extra lubrication between dirt and paint. Slick foam reduces the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork, and helps prevent swirls caused by improper washing and drying.

Curious about how the professionals wash cars with any swirls or scratches on the paint? Watch as the Detail Garage crew take you step by step through a full foam cannon and two-bucket car wash to make any vehicle clean and shiny.

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  1. Great product! How long can the siphon tube be id you weren't using the bottle? Also for washing semi trucks can a more powerful power washer spray foam to say 20 ft.?

  2. Hey cg I know you started to sell some of your stuff at Walmart, AutoZone, and maybe O'Reilly but there is no foam cannon at Walmart and AutoZone so I would like to see this at Walmart for people who want a foam cannon

  3. Can you tell me why I should buy this instead of a 16 dollar one of amazon and then buy the 1.1mm orfice of ebay for 12 bucks shipped which totals 26 bucks shipped and get more foam? Change my mind..

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