Best of Desert Racing 2016 Highlights Year in Review

2016 Battle at Primm. 2016 Mint 400. 2016 SEMA Automotive show. 2016 KC HiLites Midnight Special. 2016 Baja 1000. Off Road Racing, Trophy Trucks, Desert Racing, Extreme Sports Video Production, Film Crew, Race Team Marketing, Sugar Skulls, and Dirty Caffeine, we are SkullRush. In the dirt, on the trail, off the beaten path, in a silt bed in Baja, in the Mojave Dezert, shooting motorsports videography is where you’ll find Skull Rush.
We know what it feels like to go bouncing through the desert at 130mph and it is a Skull Rush! We race in the desert. We film Off-Road races. We do film production. We do film editing. We 4×4 and crawl and mud and dust! We get our cameras in the dirt! We shoot 1080p and 4K like no one else! We shoot the Mint 400. We shoot Baja. We film SNORE and SCORE and BITD and MORE. We film you! We are Desert Videography. We are your video production crew. We provide the cameras for your trophy truck, your buggy, your ATV, your Jeepspeed, and anything in between! We can film your race, edit and produce an awesome team video, and deliver it to your race fans! Our marketing plan will get your race team video seen by thousands…. But enough about us.
What do you like to do? Do you like to drive fast? Do you like to race in the dezert? Do you love the sound of an 800 horsepower motor flying through the whoops? Do you love the smell of race fuel in the morning? Does a dusty trick truck get you more excited than a blind date? Then we have a video for you!

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