Cleaning a really dirty bmw car

Cleaning a really dirty bmw that I bought cheap cheap of a friend who recently took it in px against another car. Hope you enjoy the video ?

Music in no particular order by…

Broken Elegance – Unhappy

ZAYFALL – still back

Chris Henry – Peak

TFLM – Wishing you

Ikson – new day

Bensound – creative minds.



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  1. This is what disrespect really is
    And being a builder does not give you a excuse for this get a dust bin lorry as it will be better and bigger for you as that is what you need

  2. Munich, Germany here. I never remove seats before vacuuming but that's actually quite good idea, I have to try it next time. I just have to read if I should worry about airbags in seats. Nicely done :-).

  3. Just look at the quality of a bmw, even after all this abuse and the age, just a clean up and the car goes back to being new.
    And good job done sir, real good work.

  4. From the Gold Coast, Australia.
    Tremendous job mate & you did a top job. Will be watching this
    Love the idea of the rinse aid trick
    Never heard of that
    I myself would have been embarrassed to sell it like that

  5. I bought a 2005 mini Cooper. BAD owners spilled coffee, make up and water on the seats. The car didn't smell too bad but poorly looked after. I done the seats myself and it came out almost brand new. I'm stoked to continue buying and valet cars.

  6. Thank you for saving that nice M Sport E46 from the hands of the filthy owner who previously had it. You did an excellent job cleaning that interior! I am in the middle of doing a full interior swap in one of my E46's, and going thru some of the same cleaning process as it is getting installed. Look forward to seeing more videos on this E46's process.

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