Exotics Drag Racing

This is a rare sight, all these exotic cars actually being raced. It was an extra special treat to watch that Porsche 918 running 10s all day, that’s a hell of a car!
The video was from the Lamborghini Festival in Houston.

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  1. Are most of these paddle shifting or are they manual shift? They sound like manual shifts…if so- why don't they come off the line at higher RPM's? Only Porsche I ever seen was a straight shift & he would let her rip tatrr chip…not like these Lambos. Don't take me wrong…I know they'll fly after the 1/4 mile & beautiful cars, but surely they can launch harder than this.

  2. after watching this video it made me believe in my Hellcat the only car ran faster than this video then mine was that 918 and I did not have any mods besides the drag radials what I would love to line up with any of them

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