Lambo Owner Starts a FIGHT! ($9000 Race)

A heated argument between two racers ends in a race setup with a total pot of $9,000! Things don’t go quite as planned for one of the racer and it gets heated! You may have seen this R32 Nissan Skyline in videos on the net so you probably know it’s not to be messed with (800whp), but this Lambo driver with a temper didn’t know what was coming!

We haven’t seen too many fights when out filming, but when we do it’s typically over ego, money, or BOTH! This was a very exciting way to end our trip in Australia at the end of the roll race night at Queensland Raceway.

Luckily the only actual damage done was to one Lambo owners ego and his pocket book!

Full story on the R32 –

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  1. 1320 you should pull this fake video down, like your vids but you where in on this fake vid with Mark from street FX who owns both the gtr and lambo.

  2. That lambo owner is a cocky fucking piece of shit isn’t he. “You save up your money and buy it right the first time not build up a piece of shit death trap like that”

  3. The lambo owner literally personifies ever single rich guy who owns exotic car and thinks they're the fastest person behind a wheel.. that fight looked fake as fuck tho lmao

  4. The guy that owns the Lambo is your typical "has too much money, not enough brains" type of bloke. He didn't have a clue what he was running against.

  5. I'm a stupid rich prick that has NO FUCKING idea about cars. I paid 250k for this so it's obviously faster.

    What a fucking idiot. Maybe if he knew what the fuck he was looking at he would've walked away. It's not cheating if you're too stupid to notice the full cage, built motor, and the hella sponsorship on the car. You don't get all that off of ebay… and sorry, but a racing harness and cage is far from a "death cage". Lol Hit a tree in the Lambo and it will just explode into flames and burn you alive… I'll take the death cage lol

  6. I understand the Lambo owner mad when the R32 owner lied about the R32 only got 500hp but he still has no right to hurt the R32 owner..he has no respect to each other in a car community

  7. Did he break his ribs, puncture his lungs, rupture his heart, break his jaw? Those were some pretty hard hits. I haven't seen anything like that since Mike Tyson was fighting. Yes I'm being sarcastic.

  8. I swear everybody that owns a lambo underestimates JDM cars like cmon now, the engines were made to withhold 1000+ HP you can’t talk shit and not expect to lose too ?

  9. Dang. He caught up to him in 2 gear shifts…..

    Hold up. I missed all the crap talking the Lambo owner did. I thought they cheated him when they told him that the GTR only had slightly over 500hp. However after i watched it the second time I realize tgey said that because he was talking so much trash. He even went as far as to say "You don't build a car. You save your pennies and buy it the right way the first time" which insinuates that they don't have cash and that the car is some hodgepodge of parts thrown together in some organized mess. And they asked if he ever used the car on playstation (referring to Gran Turismo) and he answers in typical rich douche bag fashion he says "I'm more an X Box fan" asbif he was too good to like what they liked. He got exactly what he deserved. A good old GTR Arse Whippin

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