Rally Jamaica 2016 – Coverage by AMSOIL, Jetcon Cars, Brakleen, Purple Blaster & MVP

Rally Jamaica 2016 – Coverage powered by AMSOIL, Jetcon Cars, CRC Brakleen, Purple Blaster & Madd Vision Production



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  1. World class production, by far the most comprehensive coverage of any rally event event staged in Jamaica. Thanks for showing the world the awesome event that is Rally Jamaica! Madd Vision Production is the best!

  2. These guys seems to not be going as fast as the guys driving in a Finland stage. Yet again we here in the Caribbean are young to this and those European guys have the experience and the money.

  3. for people complaining about how they drive, these cars are not million dollar works Rally cars. clearly quite a few privateers.
    besides, most of you would probably crap yourself going on a run with one of those guys.

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