Show Me Your Rig – New Series For 2019

Got a cool homemade rig or something really extreme that you want to show off? Send me some photos and a description and I will showcase it on our new series here on the channel for 2019!
Show Me Your Rig
Email photos and info about your rig to me here:

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  1. My camera stop'd working but I should have some pics I can send you of my rig . Although picture quality might not be all that good . I live in a studio Apt. so its hard to get the whole rig in one pic. Cool thing your'er doing here , a good way to get ideas from other peoples setups . Will be interesting to see what others have or have built .

  2. Awesome new series, by the way I know a racing league on Xbox one. They host sim racing leagues on Assetto corsa and project cars 2. As well as leagues on forza 7 and f1 2018.
    I recommend you all check them out on Instagram @pinkracingleague

  3. Dan, have you ever considered or did a series on helping anyone who’s run into a problem with his rig and set up? Example: Rig is built but ran up against the wall in in finishing out.

  4. Love your videos! I have the PS4 and GT Sport and Assetto for the PS4 with a sim rig but I’m thinking of purchasing a PC for the real sims such as iRacing, ACC, raceroom, etc. what PC equipment in your opinion would be great for these PC sims?

  5. Let's see, well my rig started off as an Amazon dream; for me. Then it turned into a for a 7 playtoy with a 43" screen. A few months later, it started being an oval thing; with a 55" screen.

    Currently I am still on the oval thing, only with a proj; & I don't know how big of a screen.

    My gamertag is FAILEDKNIGHT77, and do you want a pic(s) or video

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