TEST RIDE: 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000

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Luke gets the fully renovated 2017 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 out on our home turf for a good ‘ol fashioned rip.



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  1. Hey dirt tracks you guys are a great Channel, I understand that you guys do a ton of videos and it's not just on Polaris but whenever you guys get a chance maybe do the 2017 Polaris 850 because you guys haven't done any of the newer 850s. Thanks Rocco

  2. Polaris should work to be more reliable instead of claiming being the most powerfull !!
    Polaris ATV doesn't worth for what you pay, that's it
    reliability = ZERO
    My Polaris Scrambler 850 XP 2013 broke down few weeks ago with only 3500 miles.
    Timing pulley slipped, It's a disaster inside, motor needs to be rebuild.

    Polaris France doesn't want to ear anything and ask 7000€ for repairs.

    I understand now why Yamaha's owners say :

    Whatever you go with a Yamaha Grizzly, you always come back.

  3. I can not understand why people always discuss which is the better machine, a Polaris or a Can Am. Everyone has their own requirements and experiences.
    I love my new Sportsman XP 1000 my buddy his Can Am. So what's the Problem? Have a nice day, great video.

  4. I like the cargo boxes on my 2013 better. There’s almost no room in the front cab now and the rear storage is accessible from the top of the rack not from the rear. So if you have a box or some sort of luggage on the rack, it has to be removed first. I prefer the old style rear box access for recovery gear, even if I flopped it completely upside down I can still get to some recovery gear.

    Arched A arms are cool but the suck for mounting guards

    Lastly, glad they upgraded Exhaust, I run Hot Seats mine.

  5. I have the 2015 1000 sportsman bought in the fall of 2014 I have a little over 4000 miles I have replaced the belt not because it blew but because I wanted to, but not one other repair nothing but oil changes and air filter and gonna need a set of tires soon, oh joyride moto they need 131 hp to bet the 88 hp mine has

  6. I want to see it going backwards up a hill dragging 100 lbs. Or backing up in thick snow. I already know it strong and fast going forwards. These previews are lame. I know the 2008 Polaris sportsman 500 sucks at backing up a hill and backing up in thick snow

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