The Dracula of Automobiles—Roadkill Preview Episode 87

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Check out this Preview of Roadkill Episode 87, as David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan find a Plymouth Roadrunner that had an unfortunate date with a phone poll. Will the guys be able to muster up some Roadkill ingenuity to get it back on the streets? More importantly, can they make it drive in a straight line?



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  1. I keep being told that motortrends website is free to use, but every time I log on it gives me the “option” to get a subscription, and won’t disappear from my screen. And on top of that, the latest season isn’t available, even if I could watch it

  2. The reason roadkill stopped putting videos on YouTube is because YouTube stopped paying them and they wouldn't be able to afford to keep making the show. Get your heads out your asses and stop thinking for yourselves for a minute. MTOD is cheap and you get a lot of content out of it.

  3. I cant believe they took this off YouTube. now I have to go to the motor trend app to watch all new episodes, and for a few bucks a month that no one can possibly afford! (eats a handful of popcorn and clicks on new episode of roadkill)

  4. Roadrunner looks like a it took quite a punch but aside from the bad crab walk is still kicking. Oh that early iron will never be repeated. R.I.P. Go Mopar.

  5. We always blamed it on the small white furry dog when we did this to cars , sad thing is the cars would have been worth a mint nowadays.

  6. I did the same thing to my first nice car… 2005 Legacy GT turbo 5mt… wrapped it around a tree and bent it in half literally. Saddest night of my life. Then watched it get picked apart at the lot after insurance paid me out.. motor was freshly built

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