TOP 10 Cops VS Bikers ESCAPE Police Chase Motorcycles GETAWAY Running From Cops On Motorcycle 2017

TOP 10 Cops VS Bikers Escape From Police On Motorcycles Compilation 2017 Of The Best Videos Of Police Chase Motorcycle Getaways Running From Cops Caught On Tape! Motorcycle VS cops craziest street bike escapes and getaways while running from the cops caught on camera 2017. Watch the most insane motorcycle police chases of bikers getting away from the cops an outrunning police officers during epic high speed police pursuits. This top 10 motorcycle escape compilation features crazy police chase escapes on sport bikes of the best motorbike getaway videos ever captured on film by Blox Starz TV. Bikers vs cops police chase compilation of videos recorded using Gopro Hero helmet cam and police car dash cam of motorcycle riders fleeing from cops an bikers get away from police to avoid getting arrested by angry police officers chasing motorcyclist. Epic motorcycle high speed chases on the highway of motorbike riders running from the cops during police pursuit. Watch as bikers get chased by cops and getaway from cops an escape police. Bikers escape police chase motorcycles getaway while running from cops to avoid getting busted by police an arrested. Thank you for watching this top 10 bikers vs cops escape police chase motorcycles getaway running from the cops compilation video 2017! Please enjoy this video clip!


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  1. Them mother fucker shouldn't be driving that fast any way that's why they got heil copter that cop could have killed a kid driving like that for what I guy on a bike that's going to have to stop eventually

  2. The funny thing is in Germany people travel at 180mph and it's perfectly normal and legal. In the United States doing 60mph in a 55 on a highway that is completely empty is criminal offence that risks massive fines.

  3. This is why the cops should only need 5 minutes in a chase on film before they can shoot to kill. Too bad all the scumbags tiny penis boys didn't pile-up and all die, the human race would be better without all of their defective DNA and tiny penises that they have to ride kids bikes to pretend to be REAL MEN.

  4. I’m still watching the video,so I don’t know but I doubt this will happen but one thing I’d love to see is a well skilled Biker vs A cop who’s good at riding a bike.That shit would be raw asf.

  5. OMG, this has to be the most harrowing road chase videos I've ever seen. That motorcyclist is so lucky to be alive. What was he doing, about 180mph dodging cars? If one of them had swerved in his path, he'd be dead. That cop was trying to crash him with his car. After that the dude was literally running for his life. I'm so glad he escaped. He sure can ride that bike! .

  6. I love it. That stupid ass cop wrecked. He has no business driving on the rds. At 23:40 that cop came up quick. He should be fired he was nearly hitting that motorcycle. Biker wouldn't of been having to go that fast if it weren't for stupid ass cops like this. Cop is putting the public in a dangerous situation. What a idiot.

  7. Cop at the end is why to run. This guy didn't try to run and the fuckers still arrested him and will charge him for all kind of crap.

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