1/4-Mile Drag Race – Diesel Power Challenge 2016

Diesel Power Challenge 2016 powered by XDP continues, with competitors racing head-to-head and flat out on the 1⁄4-mile drag strip at Bandimere Speedway. The event is run in a “Quick 8” format, where the top-8 qualified trucks are paired and run off in eliminations to see who is the fastest!

Starting October 10, 2016 exclusively on the Motor Trend Channel, host Brian Lohnes takes you through our weeklong torture test that features 6 competitive events, 10 trucks, and 16,438 combined horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. We push Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke-powered trucks well beyond their limits in this search for the ultimate diesel truck and driver.

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  1. these trucks aren't ment to be reliable. yall fuckin stupid. these guys put shit in them to RACE them and show them how much power these things can take.

  2. Seems like the only trucks that were reliable and weren't pieces of shit were the Dodge and Chevy trucks. Most of the Fords were breaking down. Just shows you how much Ford is a piece of shit.

  3. So what is the point behind giving points for "staging" which i assume is just getting to the start line, If you can have your crew push your truck there?

  4. Charlie Keeter makes it almost every year with that 6.0. Those engines can take juicing like you would not beleive. Drivetrains stronger then the competition aswell.

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