Big agricultural tractors | John Deere vs Versatile | Tractor show

Big agricultural tractors. John Deere 9560 RT vs Versatile 450. 20 ton trailer pulling.

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  1. This is totally comparing apples to oranges. The John Deere has 100 plus more horsepower than the versatile and a lot less rotating mass for wheels.

  2. I like Deere but that test is in no way an even match. It should have been deere on tracks vs Versatile on tracks or wheeled tractor vs wheeled tractor. These 2 tractors have different applications in the field.

  3. Nice vid, The Versatile pulls off way faster, but the Johnny runs very fast to the head-postition. Ofcourse a very nice tractor this Versatile, but nothing runs like a deere 😉

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