Black Cherry & Dakar @ LeGrande House; Session 2 on 11.03.2018

Session 2 of Black Cherry and the Dakar rig. The Dakar rig shows off its top speed made possible by the two speed RC4WD transmission at the 1:20 mark. The Dakar rig is using a 4S, 2200mah, Lipo battery, with a Tekin ROC412 motor with a Castle Creation ESC.

The 1.9 build named “Black Cherry”, built by Gavin of Ayala Metal Works, build thread link;

The 2.2 build named “the Dakar rig”, contributing builder build thread link;

Filmed on location @ LeGrande House on 11.03.2018;

W/T/F on Black Cherry; 1.9 Vanquish Products Beadlocks, 1.9 Pitbull Tires Rock Beast (standard height), Lil Nova 4.50″ Comp Cut Inner / Medium Outer dual stage foams in front CWR-2025, Lil Nova 4.50″ Comp Cut Inner / Firm Outer dual stage foams in rear CWR-2026.

W/T/F on the Dakar rig; 2.2 Dude Crawler Works custom Beadlocks, 2.2 RC4WD MIL-SPEC ZXL tires, Deuces Wild Single Stage Standard foams in front CWR-3003, Deuces Wild Heavy Weight Single Stage Standard foams in rear CWR-3303

Crawler Innovations Web Store;

RCCrawler Forum;

Video Credits;
Black Cherry driven by Gavin Ayala
the Dakar rig by Edmundo Ayala
edited by Gavin Ayala
filmed by Edmundo & Gavin Ayala

Gavin’s Channel;

#crawlerinnovations #ayalametalworks #activatedoutlaw



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