Randy Morgan from NW Tennessee made the trip to Louisiana Mudfest for Trucks Gone Wild 2, and was kind enough to give us an overview of his 1980 Toyota pickup. Beside this truck being completely bad ass, was the backstory of how he’s own this truck since he was 17 years old, and it has steadily evolved into the monster you see here! Clearly Randy has CrawlDad II dialed in perfectly!

Louisiana Mudfest near Colfax, Louisiana – 9/16-18/2016.
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  1. Absolutely perfect horsepower:gearing ratio. Once he stands on it, it starts digging itself a hole then climbs almost straight up out of it. Awesome.

  2. when ya gonna make a trip down here to florida we have some jaw dropping mud trucks around here i highly recommend ironhorse mud ranch Ive been to la mudfest and rednecks with paychecks no coparison with number of over the top mud trucks at ironhorse hope to see triple x there sometime

  3. By Golly, Randy's Crawldad II sure likes the mud & Water Holes, Almost makes it look Easy-Peasy Thanks fer sharing Friend.                              ATB Terry      God  Bless

  4. At 9:09 ! When it hits 2nd gear & pulls the front tires up , that's bad to the bone ! I met Randy at Mudfest this year ! Heck of a nice guy and an amazing truck !

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