Jeep Cherokee vs Nissan Patrol vs Toyota HiLux

Top Đir [Top Djir] crew visits and filmed off road events and private off road rides in the wider region of the Balkans, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, since 2009 and upload to YouTube since 2010

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Top Đir partners on this video clip Euro4X4parts ( ) and TRACTION 4×4 ( )



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  1. It looks like the Toyota is the superior 4×4 here. Really surprised the Nissan did so well, considering Nissan's trucks are total crap. The Jeep, while fun to drive, is a unibody, and suffers for it.

  2. Should have had a TD4.2 Patrol instead of a ZD3.0. Far far better engine. And what's with the SWB GU? Reckon I've never seen one and I live in Australia where the largest market for Patrols are…

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