Mercedes G-Class Mountain Testing (English Subtitles)

The Schöckl mountain near Graz (Austria) is the original testing ground of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Meet one of its test drivers, Erwin „Air“ Wonisch, who has been involved in the G-Class development since 1976. Erwin shows us around the Schöckl and lets us experience the sheer power, robustness and versatility of the mighty Geländewagen. Buckle up and hold tight while watching! 😉

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  1. Advice: if you buy one of these make sure to keep them inside overnight in a secure garage, if you're not in a gated community already, because a car will pull up, and in 15 minutes your G Wagen will be standing on 4 logs, with EVERYTHING stripped off it: headlights, tail lights, tires, mirrors, center console, steering wheel, spare wheel, even G65 sticker, AMG sticker, meredes logo etc. then those parts will be sold to people who have bought 1980 Gelandewagen, all parts will fit, and they will convert their old car into a brand new one
    This is how you have so many Gelandewagens in Russia, they are all old ass cars from 90's with brand new parts, often 3rd party parts, but if you get inside one – it will be all shitty and old

  2. Great video of the G-Class being used the way it's supposed to be! LOL @ 40:21 – "has very limited technical skills". Special thanks for the English subtitles! Please do more videos with subtitles

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