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The Super Street and 10.90 class competitors showed up to the NHRDA World Finals with nothing but WINNING on their agenda. The competition was focused and therefore put on a great show for the crowd, with some passes going into the 8 second at 150MPH range!
Congratulations to Super Street winner Chris Buhidar and 10.90 class winner Chris Perales.

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NHRDA Diesel Nationals – Texas Motorplex – Ennis, TX 9/30-10/1/2016.

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  1. When I think VIOLENT I think one wheel in the air, bed and cab twisted 6 inches apart, and wheel hopping so bad the bed side is about to cave in. These are just good solid launches. LAME!

  2. Everyone here is hating because they think a 9,000lb truck should lift on launch. These were all pretty good since they would normally run 16 seconds or more stock.

  3. I’m sorry guys, just because they aren’t wheel standing launches doesn’t make them less violent. That’s a shit ton of torque unleashed right now. Most of you would have an accidental bowel movement.

  4. i love diesel cars. i owned a thailand truck.. a toyota hilux vigo.. i modify the engine , a lot of black blacky smoke to fuck the RICER up on the road xD

  5. My uncle has a twin turbo duramax and we go on the highway lookin for camaro’s and hell cats to race and he puts it in 4 hi and just drags their asses down the road.

  6. I watched Jim Jones in his red duramax come off the line looking at both walls and I thought to myself, son of a gun that was violent. I didn’t see anything like that here

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