Off-road and street drifting adventure in Colorado

I love adventures. The kind where you buy a car you have never seen on craigslist in another state, get a $50 one way plane ticket, and see what happens. I do it several times a year, and somehow it pretty much always turns out amazing. It really hinges most of the time on getting your friends to go with you, but I have crossed the country in everything from 1970s diesel Mercedes this way, to JZX100 drift cars, to about 8 Land Cruisers, and everything in between. I think Land Cruisers are my favorite though, as I can go get lost in the forrest and go do fun stuff and ignore real life for awhile. I have been super lucky that these adventures also literally cost no money in the end, because of the couches of friends I get to crash on and the price of plane tickets nowadays. Heck, our next Japan trip that is coming up in a few weeks has ROUND TRIP plane tickets to Japan that are only $450 each after taxes! Crash on some couches, eat cheap, have a cheap place to live at home, and you can spend a LOT of time on the road.

And so this is where we are in this video. We spend a week on the road with friends running around Colorado having fun. This video is pretty raw and isn’t something fancy, edited and shot with great equipment, it is just something I thought would be fun to show people. We go buy craigslist vehicles and go have some fun, and hang out with drifters and go street drifting and track drifting.

So please sit back and enjoy this super long video, and please ignore the bad audio in sections lol.

It includes off-road 4×4 sections with Jeeps and FJ80, rock crawling, Hackett Gulch and Spring Creek.
Drifting and street drifting
240sx, AE86, LS1, SR20DET, all kinds of stuff like that.
Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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  1. aye man you should consider segmenting theses to get more views considering people aren't die hard fans like us that'll sit through 5 hour ebisu videos 😉

  2. The one with his studs on throwing sparks was hilarious, and a way to fix your audio is to get a "dead cat" wind muff for your mic it will solve wind noise up to 100mph I think

  3. Never herd super so much..____……………….________.__________.__________.________……………………………__……………………………………__..

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