Off-Roading in Barstow!!

first time out in Barstow.. Truck did well but have a lot to work on! stay tuned for the next vid 🙂



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  1. in your previous video you had said that the front suspension was going to be redone. i was wondering if you would like to sell me those BTF a-arms when you redo the front. i live in and obliviously have a ranger. hook a subscriber/ranger owner up!!! LOL

  2. love your build man, coming out sick. I was wondering, you said you had long travel yet were still runinng coil buckets. is that possible? because i was looking at getting mid travel because i couldnt afford to get coil over shocks right now if i got long travel.

  3. I'm building my ranger prerunner mines a 94 xlt extended cab 4×4 I'm finishing up my v8 swap 289 with a c4 and done with my 4 link rear end .wish I was closer to Nevada California for fenders on Craigslist man there fuckin expensive brand new

  4. Your ranger is badass! I have a '97 3L automatic, 2WD, white just like yours. I wanna do a prerunner build but I want it to stay practical as a truck too, at least at first.

  5. Badass truck man! I have to ask the hell is that beeping when you sitting at the side of the road? Only reason I ask is mine is doing the same thing right after start-up. Sick truck bro!

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