OUTLAW BUGGY Clayton Hollingsworth Compilation 2018

Clayton Hollingsworth and his Outlaw Buggy took the Rock Bouncing world by storm when he showed up in 2017 with his IFS/IRS Rock Bouncer he called Outlaw. Then he built another one he calls Outlaw Buggy 2.0 with a Subaru engine in it with a solid rear axle. He liked it so much that he put a solid rear axle in the original Outlaw Rock Bouncer. Here are some of his best runs of 2018. Unfortunately he had a back injury this year and his son Gilbert Hollingsworth had to take over for him behind the wheel.

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  1. Can someone (please) tell me a schedule for 2019 ? Or tell me where to go to find it please. Thank you !! I'm old, but fairly new to YouTube. I would appreciate your help.

  2. Great Videos, but your new camera settings this year are too much for my old computer, all jumbled pixels.  Your videos from last year I can watch no problem.  Oh well…….

  3. I was done, soon as he said straight axle and man made hills. I watched and loved these events exactly because they were man against nature and featured ingenious designs by both. Will probably never watch another event. if I wanted 1950's hill climbing I could go to my local spot and see plenty of straight axled vehicles going up a man made slope. Such a shame cos the original Outlaw was a complete game changer. No disrespect to Clayton, I get that he had to make changes to try and remain competitive, Big disrespect to the organisers for cocking up a brilliant and organic series.
    I'm off to watch some proper offroad racing with straight axles and fully independent rigs over on the Icelandic Formula Offroad series. Laterz peeps… or not as the case may be.

  4. It's not for nothing but in my opinionTim Cameron 1000 times better. who won the 2018 championship because I do not speak English and I get confused with this Buggy Championship.

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